Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Rezzie

I am the Queen of Ideas.

Follow through?

I am more of the
"we are so disorganized. ohmygoooooodness I have"
type of girl.
Why follow through when you could move on to planning the next bigger, better,  most glorious project.
I'll tell you who. My husband.
The euphoria I get from planning? My husband gets from finishing a project.

The newness.
The excitement.
The fresh start.
Researching what we'll need to make this project perfect.
The supplies! Yessss! Buying the supplies that will change. my. life!
My heart beats faster just thinking about how amazing it will be.
The possibilities are endless.
Endless I tell you.
Instant gratification, baby.

Not going my way immediately? Peace, I am out.

I truly have great intentions.
Like last year when I decided I was going to keep the twins clothes organized so it be easier to rotate appropriate sizes in and out of their closet.
That's the best idea!
Where is the computer?
I need to make sure I'm being practical about this.
I need to research to make sure I find the best system. 
After all, this is going to make my life so much easier!
C'mon kids.
We have to go.
Cardboard storage boxes??
I'll take sixty.
Oh my gooooodness they are going to have the most organized closet evvvver.!!!


The majority of these bad boys are still in wrappers. And just for your peace of mind, sixty might have been an exaggeration.

Every month is going to be the month I get myself in check.
This month I am going to be so organized people are going to throw up.
I will be that annoying organized girl.
I should get a planner.
A planner.
And I will cut coupons.
So I need one of those coupon organizer things.
Marissa! you are a genius! You could save so much money!
You could be like those Extreme Couponing ladies but totally skip the whole hoarder stockpile room.
And a calendar.
Oh my gosh.
You so need a calendar.
We have to get to Target or the world is going to end!
How have I gone so long without a coupon organizer and a calendar!
No wonder our lives are in such disarray!

As you can see it looks like January is kind of a slow month. On paper, that is.

I really did have great intentions in the exercise department.
But how do you jump back into cardio without a new pair of shoes?
Yesss! Shoes!
Marissa: "do you think $74 is too much to pay for overnight shipping?"
Marissa: "No! We need these shoes, Marissa. How could we possibly take a lap around the block in old shoes?"
Marissa: 'You're right. If we are going to get serious we need shoes now. Like, right now."

They aren't even running shoes.
But, we did make it out for a little cardio.
We walked to my sisters house.

But after that walk I think I decided that wearing Stella for a jog hurts her neck.
She bounced all over the place the whole time.
Maybe pilates?
Yes! Pilates!
That reminds me, I so need to order a pilates dvd!
And that Physique 57 stuff that Kelly Ripa does.
I could have a body like Kelly in like four months.
I definitely need that dvd, too.

And, you all will be happy to know I talked myself off the cliff and opted for the free shipping.

Oh, and my recipes!
I'm a mom now.
I need to make sure all of my good recipes are written down!
My recipes will be part of my legacy.
I need a recipe organizer asap!

It actually has two recipes in it. Thankyouverymuch.

To clean? Must have new sponges! And another cup of coffee.
I should drink this cup of coffee, let it kick in and scrub this house from top to bottom. It is so ON when these babies go to sleep. And a new flavor of Method spray. The cucumber one is so 2011.
My new face care regime? Can't possibly start without new moisturizer.
Stella's room? How could I possibly put things away without a closet organizer? I mean, it doesn't even make sense, right?
Laundry? I can't wait for tonight! I will drink a glass of wine and fold all thrity six loads. It will be so nice to drink a glass of wine in bed and fold laundry. Yup, I'll wait until tonight.
And Pinterest!
I will get so many great ideas from Pinterest and my life will become so seamless.
I feel better already.

These are the conversations I have with myself daily. More like hourly.
It's exhausting being me.

So this year?
I resolve to implement a little more follow through.
I will do it.
But, obviously I have to blog about it first.
I'll blog about it and then it will be out there for the world to see.
I guarantee that if I blog about it I will actually follow through.

See? I'm already off to a good start.

the former Queen of Planning


  1. Yep, that's the I've known and loved for 33 years.

  2. Ahhemmm. You mean 28 years, right?

  3. Seriously made me laugh out loud! You are too funny. And I can totally relate!! I would like to magically have a fresh start to my 'list'!

  4. Too funny, but SO true! I could have sworn I was the only one like that! I'm still finishing up Christmas stuff and it's January 10th. But, of course, that hasn't stopped me from stocking up on cute Valentine's Day things from the Target dollar bins.

  5. so funny! that is why i always come up with multiple resolutions...that way i can maybe get at least one thing done!

  6. I never realized that you Dad had so much influence on you! Yeah, it's pretty hard to say that with a straight face because there is no doubt that this entry is me to a TEEEEE! I could never have said it so eloquently. Look at it this way, we really have fun and in the end everything always works out and usually as we've envisioned it! I don't think I've ever laughed more or harder as when I read this! Love you my Princess ( I'm not ready to hand you the crown yet cuz I'm still the Queen!!)

  7. wait a minute, do you follow me around? sounds like you wrote a story about my life.

    great post!

  8. Marissa, It would be great if you tried the Physique 57 DVDs. Feel free to check out our website and our Facebook community for more info!

    Natasha Attal
    Social Media Manager
    Physique 57