Tuesday, January 24, 2012

just a few things.

here's what is going on around heeya.

+ i feel like every person, whether they want kids or not, should have to take a child into a public establishment with a list of things that must be accomplished. that way, the next time they hear a screaming child (read:: chloe) while they are shopping, they can feel the sheer embarrassment instead of rolling their eyes. i may look like i am confidently strolling through the store pretending i can't hear her. but trust me, i hear her, too. in fact, i hear her all day. every day. and i am dying inside. i wanna cut you people when you look at me like that. trust me, i beat her when we get home, i can't do it in public. i kid, i kid. i don't beat her, she gets cut off from eating, which hurts oh, so much more.

+stella is legit sick. she has lost her voice and it is the sweetest most sad thing you have ever heard. i have slept probably an hour and half in the past twenty eight hours. i want to die. and this little baby is still unhappy even after her night of binge drinking. she got free drinks at the bar last night. no rules, no last call. the bar was hers. anything to make my angel baby feel better.

+you all will be happy to know i have really taken new year rezzie post very seriously. the word of the day around here is purge. i am getting rid of everything. we are going to have a garage sale. and if i sell everything for two cents, we should make close to one point two million dollars. i don't know which i am more excited about, making one point two million dollars or not having anything for the twins to break/throw/eat/steal or for me to put away/clean/find/fix.

+when people say it is harder to lose weight the second or (second/third in my case) time around they ain't lyin'. physique 57 is becoming less impulse buy and more reality.

+remember how i said i would skip the details about the cesspool of germs that is my house? i changed my mind. if i have to live it, you have to read it. the boy twin has had diarrhea for two weeks. two weeks. every three hours for two weeks. do you know how many diapers that is? too many. in addition, i have two more kids. i'm kinda over diapers.

+back to fat girl stuff. i make the french fries in the world and they are baked.



thank you, ma'am.
350 for 30ish minutes.
and if you like them crispy? broil them for a few.

they are amaze.

+oh. what's that? whose oven is that? mine. yes, it's mine. when we bought our house almost two years ago our range broke. it took me two years to get a new one. AND the only reason we did is because of my in-laws and father. my mother in law was over last week and said "enough is enough." she said she was buying one for our birthdays and christmas for the next five hundred years if that's what it would take. she was right, we needed an oven. and miraculously, my dad, who is in the biz, found us a great deal. and voila, we have an oven and my in-laws get unlimited cookies for life. thank you gran and papa! it's kind of weird now that i think about how long we didn't have an oven. the cooktop portion worked so we weren't a total lost cause. but, i am baking and cooking non stop to make up for lost time. i suppose physique 57 is now a necessity.

i suppose that's all for now. catch you on the flip.


  1. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

  2. I remember when my oldest was 3 & we were in the store. He was throwing an absolute fit, but I was determined to finish the shopping & not have to come back later.
    During his rage he walked into a table, which I knew he would, but also knew he wouldn't get hurt.
    Oh the looks of others when I stood there & watched him walk into it & let him cry even more!
    I looked at one mother & said, "if you've NEVER been through this with your child, then you can continue staring at me like that." ....and walked away. She closed her mouth & ducked sheepishly around the corner.