Saturday, July 13, 2013

don't worry, be happy

i have been flirting with the idea of blogging again.
about three people have told me that they have missed me.

but let's be honest.

i am easy,

three people = two hundred and twenty six people in my book.

so, i made a deal with myself,

i said

"if you posted on july 11, 2013 last year, you will blog again immediately."

i checked.
i did.

and it was a special one

i'm kind of psychic so i take these type of deals with myself quite seriously.
so, when i logged into pandora and searched for a grandma wood worthy station and

"don't worry, be happy"
came on as the first song, i knew i must proceed.
"don't worry, be happy" was grandma wood's jam.
along with "kokomo."
clearly she loved the cocktail soundtrack, but honestly, who could blame her?

so, obviously my grandma is yelling at me from heaven to blog again, which is fine and all,

but i really do not know how to catch y'all up after a years hiatus??

things are crazier than ever.
i'm on instagram @marissastratton.
that should catch you up.

do that, and holler back.

stella started talking.
and hasn't stopped.
so it is no holds barred


if you're a betting man?
those aren't great odds, my friends..

i am not at all joking when i tell you that they meet to screw with me.


i really just don't understand how am i still in charge of these people?
who are expected to be alive all day,
and all night,


it's quite silly.

because on most days?

i really can't even guarantee that i will be breathing by the time matty gets home from work.

whomever is in charge of me clearly does not know how to delegate.
these fools are in charge of me.

i typically succumb to the madness around 4:45 pm.

i am usually cooking dinner.

and let me tell you, 4:45 breakdowns are awesome.

cooking with six arms
and six legs
flailing about over boiling pots of water

in a teeny kitchen is awesome.

here they are, one year later.

i know.

they are still so cute.
and so big

and so cute.

these kids are nuts,

but i'm nuts.

that may be why the kids are nuts.

and my husband is nuts.
it's definitely why the kids are nuts, no?

don't answer.
i know the answer, it just doesn't help me get through the day.

and ps,
i have a broken ankle.

stay with me.
it's been a while, but it won't be a while.

i have so much more to tell you.
and i will.

i love you all.

and it's a true story when i say that i've missed you greatly,

i just didn't realize how much until my grandma started yelling at me from heaven.

****p to the s.
i realize i didn't post this on june 11th, but that's when i wrote it.****

my psychic theory holds true.