Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st week home

our first week was dreamy.
matty and i divided and conquered.
i got the sweet pink chubby baby.
he got the rambunctious duo.

i love my husband so much.
and he really is such a presh dada.
so much so that the twins would take him over me any day of the week.
he got up with them every morning.
he asked me every five minutes if i needed anything.
and he sprang into action and peeled the twins off of my aching body as they jumped on me.
or the baby.

watching him with my babes?
it really is my favorite thing.

and one morning i woke up to this.

girlfriend hates when her feet and hands are dirty.
hence the scowl.


how cute is that?
i know.
so cute.

i just wish i could walk in the back yard to find a pot of gold so matty could stay home and play with us forever.
i'm sure he does too.

i really love that boy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


i never knew how much i would enjoy writing this blog when i began.
i started it purely to freeze time the only way i knew how.
to capture memories and put them into words.

it's so hard to stay in the now.
but i have been trying.
tracing and memorizing every little line indented in her hands and feet from being so overcooked.

i know this will probably be my last chance to soak up the mind dizzying miracle that is a newborn
so that is exactly what i am doing.

i know in the very near future my sweet stella
won't need tiny mittens.
or sleep in a teeny ball of perfection on my chest.
i won't be able to feel her tiny little fontanels because her bones will grow together making her skull.
she won't have that pure sweet newborn smell.
she won't need to be covered in a blanket 24 hours a day.
or swaddled.
she won't make precious little animal noises when she is drifting in and out of her peaceful newborn sleep.
she won't bury her head in my neck like fitting like the last little missing piece to complete my puzzle.

she'll be up and running before i know it.
and i know how fast it goes.

when she came out i thought how could she be so small?
the twins were two pounds smaller.
and while i remember their first few weeks, when i close my eyes i can't see it.
i want to be able to see it.
and remember every emotion.
the fear.
the excitement.
the feeling of unbelievable gratitude for a healthy baby.
knowing my body not only made
also brought this tiny miracle into this big crazy place.
waking up every few minutes to make sure she is still breathing.
laying in my bed with her and knowing right now, my only responsibility is to feed, love and change her.
that's it.
and change.

having a baby is just mind blowing.
you think you've got your emotions in check throwing around the
"been there done that with two at the same time" mentality.
nothing can prepare you for labor and giving birth to an actual living and breathing baby.
a new baby casts a spell on you that is arguably one of the greatest feelings of all time.

some days it is so easy to get caught up in the difficulty conducting the train that is my life.

with the twins not understanding that this baby is not a toy
or by standing on the table because they know i can't get up while i'm feeding the baby
it's easy to loose my cool.
i get frustrated and send them off
and then i miss them.

they're adjusting, too.
i need to remember that.
so we're rolling on the best way i know how.
by just keepin' on.

i know i complain.
and some days i do think i have it hard.
but like everything else in life, it could be so much worse.

and just as i am teetering the line of will a glass bottle of wine fix this
do i actually need a short stint at an insane asylum
i am reminded of what i have.
and i wouldn't trade this life for anything.

children are magic.
and all three of mine have me under quite a beautiful spell.

Monday, August 15, 2011

1st day home

we made it.
we're home.
with only a few minor issues.

chloe has a fever and a little cold.

which is awesome.
i mean, wouldn't you want to bring your spankin' new baby fresh out of the oven home to a germ pool?

colton tried to pull off stella's umbilical cord and then he got a little overzealous during a feeding session.

and chloe thought hitting her in her face was acceptable.

stella has been so peaceful.
she really is a dreamy baby.

matt took the twins on a little shopping spree today.
that was the first time he has taken the twins anywhere.
by himself.
yup, i'm serious.
it only took 17 months.
he always said he was "scared".
nice try, buddy.

it was so quiet.
and then they came home.

and she was already over it.
so she covered her ears and said i'm done with this mess.
i say she stayed inside for so long because she could hear in there.
and the alternative?
are you nuts?
i agree, girlfriend. i agree.

so in order to avoid further physical altercations,
this is where she will reside for now.

displayed like a caged zoo animal.

where they can look.
and not touch.

until they find a way.

and they will

find a way.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

the name game

She is here.
Baby Stella is here.

We knew we loved Stella but I had such a hard time really committing to a name.
I knew the meaning of Stella was star and decided to search it on one of my favorite baby name websites because they give other fun facts about the name when you search it.

And then I searched my name, Marissa, for fun.

I have always been told my name meant star of the sea
when I saw that
was a variation of Maris, I clicked on Maris and found the following:

"Maris is an unusual and appealing name. It comes from the phrase
"Stella Maris,"
star of the sea,
one of the many epithets of the
Virgin Mary."

Reading that pulled on my heart strings.
And I was kind of done.

Chloe is named Chloe James, after Matt's middle name so now I get a little love with sweet baby Stella.

here she is.
Our brand new sweet baby.

Stella Maris Stratton
Born August 12, 2011
at 9:09 pm
at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20.25 inches long.

Being that she isn't even 24 hours old yet it is too early for me to tell you how perfect she is because you'll tell me that it will change.
But I'll do it anyway.
She latched on like a pro when she was 5 minutes old.
She has made two noises since she was born.
She has slept more in 23 hours than both of my 17 month old twins combined.
And she just melts your heart with her sleepy and cuddly ways.
She must really want that car.

Welcome to this big and crazy world you sweet girl.
I had no idea how bad we needed you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 days

here we wait

on a day where cupcakes, pacys and blankees are a necessity.
and diaper changes and clothing are a luxury.

and yes that is my big 41.5 week belly in the pic.
because I am still pregnant

oh sweet baby.

on days like this i don't blame you for staying inside.
i promise your brother and sister don't always act like this.
we have already exhausted our final resource, the pool.
but that privilege was quickly taken away due to repetitive rock throwing.

matt and i are so looking forward to our mini vacation in the hospital.

and no, we're not kidding.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4tyONE weeks

I thought I published this yesterday. Oops.

Here we are.
The baby and me.
WE are still a WE.
Because she is still inside of me.
I'm in a bad place today.
I want her to come.
On her own.
I'm not a full on hippy but I like to think of myself as mildly healthy.
I'm kind of a hippy when it comes to the health of my kids.
Like I will eat mac n cheese and they eat spinach and grilled chicken.
But that's because I love them more than I love me.
A lot more.

That said I don't like inductions.
I was induced with the twins at 38 and a half weeks so I have been there.
But I don't like anything about them.
Especially early inductions.
And I don't like how they are pretty much mainstream now.
Unless they are medically necessary, obviously.

I have my reasons but I am not here to preach.
I'm here to vent.

My doctors will allow me to go 14 days past my due date.
I am now 7 days past.
I try to be more healthy when I have babies in my belly.
Except I drank coffee this pregnancy starting at 20 weeks.
I'm sorry sweet pea.
Your brother and sister were too much to deal with while you were sweetly trying to grow so innocently in my body.

Unfortunately I'm not in control of when she comes.
And it makes me sad.
I want what is best for her.
So I'm sad that we only have 7 days left to get her out.
And I'm sad that I have to take my twins to get shots in an hour.
I'm emotional.
For no reason really.
Except for that I have control issues.
With the best intentions.
And I have no control.
So come out.
On your own.
So I can stop crying.

On a good note, Colton keeps coming up to me and puts his forehead against mine and smiles every time I cry.
He is the biggest angel bully I have ever met.
And I love it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the twins


"they" might be right.

the twins might be beginning to realize they are so 2010.
and miss 2011is going to make an appearance any day now.

i threaten them with that, you know.
i tell them they have competition.
and whether that is right or wrong i don't care.
by the time they discover that they need therapy they will most likely be on their own.
it's all about making it through the day around here.

either way. they have been a delight.
for real.
like i would hang out with them even if i wasn't their mom.

they are like little mini adorable adults.
that listen

and they caaa-rack each other up.
reason #6,327 it is so awesome to have twins.

listening to them crack each other up?

there's no sweeter sound in the world, baby.

and chloe said her first sentence the other day. 2 words to be exact.

byeeeeee dada.
followed by
nieeeeeeght dada.

so flippin'' precious it was.

they are talking up a storm. they both say
big bird
sueeeeeees which is shoooooeees.
melmo (elmo) like 742 times a day
gabba for yo gabba gabba
and their favorite......EAT EAT EAT always in threes.
all of their aunts and uncles names, some require having more imagination than others but still.
all of their grandparents names.
hieeeeeeeee is hi
byeeeeeeeee is bye
and nigh nigh
and lots of others that i just can't think of right now.

they are quite parrot like and will attempt to repeat anything you spew at them.

they still are infatuated with animals and make tons of animal sounds.

they love to run in and out of the room yelling baaaooooo! they think they are very scary and they do it with huge animated arms and it is hilarious.
they still torture each other and have spent many a days in time out but i have found talking to them like real adults actually works better.

my children used the pack n play time out time as gym time. they would jump and land on their butts and laugh hysterically.
and when one would go in time out the other would just walk around saying bubba over and over.

bubba was calling chloe
coco or
but it has now turned into bubba.
so we have two bubba's.
be jealous.

the girl bubba is a night owl and some nights will talk to herself and just play alone for two hours. they go down at 8 and she has been kknown to outlast matt and me. just talking away. colton always falls asleep first and twice now we have walked in to find chloe flinging her blanket into her sleeping brothers crib whipping him and yelling bubba, bubba, bubba. she doesn't want to party alone but will if it is required. and it was, because he slept through it both times so she went back to her business and just gabbed away.

the boy bubba is a master manipulator and although he still throws ridiculous tantrums that literally leave him hoarse from screaming, i think he is starting to realize i'm not having it.
so they are subsiding.
which is amazing.

he mostly gets in trouble for hitting chloe or taking whatever she is paying with.
his new trick is to eye something and put it in his hand. That way, when he takes whatever she is playing with and gets disciplined he quickly puts the 2nd string toy in her hand as to say look, i'm actually being nice by giving you this new better toy.
rarely works.
scary watching him craft this plan with his beady little eyes.

chloe used to feel that screaming her head off in something so high pitched it literally made my ears ring was her best defense.
now, she gets physical.
and she looks legitimately scary all while accosting her brother.

they also start crying when they hurt each other.
for example,
chloe smacks colton in the face.
it doesn't hurt but colton knows to starts crying anyway.
chloe starts crying.
for no reason


they have to apologize by kissing and "saying" sorry, 99% of the time the crying stops when the kiss commences.
most definitely.

chloe finally got her first black eye by taking a corner of a book to the eye. from her brother, not me.

and the best part???? these kids are sleeping until 8:30/9:00.

i'm telling you,
i keep reminding them i have a new baby coming and they just keep getting better and better.

and seriously,
they keep getting cuter and cuter......

think happy labor thoughts, will be happening any day now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

due date shmoooo date

it came.
it went.
baby is still inside.

i mean really, they should do birth months, not due dates.

the most annoying part is you can't make a phone call without hearing

"are you in labor"

or you can't answer the phone without hearing

"when are you having that baby"

and having a nameless overdue baby?

forget about it.

i don't know her name and i surely don't know when she's coming.

i have a doctors appointment on friday.
i will be 40 weeks and 4 days.
so we'll see if i've progressed.

i haven't attempted any crazy castor oil or eggplant parm bring on labor things.

in honor of her due date i washed her baby blanket.
so i can check one thing off the list.

my sister-in-law, Taran, is on the verge of having a panic attack.
she would have everything done months ago.
i'm jealous.
she's a clean freak and she's always prepared.

i'm not.

if i could just remember to register at the hospital that would be a big step in the right direction.

and i just need to get the car seat and pack my hospital bag and we should be good to go.