Tuesday, May 22, 2012

marissa stratton - making the minivan chic

if you drive a minivan i have probably felt bad for you.

it's ok, though. you can laugh at me now because drive one too.

i had an suv. with a third row. it wasn't cutting it.
i needed more room.
i still have to strap in three babies.
and i needed something that wouldn't require a full on gymnastics routine to gets these kids all in their place.

and so the minivan convos began.
i kicked my feet, screaming the whole time matt told me it had to be done.
really, what other options did i have?

how can you be chic driving a minivan?
the answer is, you can't.
but with cons come pros my friends.

i told matt maybe i would consider driving one.
if it could be black on black.

so, the search began and before i knew it, my bruised ego and i were the not so proud owner of a minivan.

i now sit here and pretend i am driving not a minivan.

and the other morning those pesky children were interrupting me christian grey reverie.
so i got to thinking.......

i put stella down.
grabbed my kindle and coffee.
oh yeah,
and the left over two kids.
and hopped in my condo on wheels.

i strapped them in.

turned this bad boy on

and then this bad boy on

sipped on this

and got my grey on.
i got to read three pages in peace.
that is three more pages than i would have gotten to read inside.
after a mild interuption from one of those kids repeatedly asking me to look at the fish on tv, i was back to business.

after such a successful twenty minutes of a very mild chaos,and an amazing nap from stella
(because we were out of the house)
my mind got to working in overdrive.

realistically, the possibilites are endless.
i have catnapped.
in the target parking lot.

ok, catnap may be a stretch but i layed down and closed my eyes for a few minutes.

and we have had picnics in the car, too.
chick fil a. in the car!
kitchen stayed clean at home and chick fil a in the car.

i think i have officially come around.
i have named her lola.
one of my favorite features?

a plug.
i think it is inteded to charge games and such but come on,
we all know the real reason there is a plug.
it's to blow dry and flat iron my hair.
in my car.
i can't hear the screaming over the blow dryer. i just burry my head in my kindle and pretend i'm at the salon.

with my kids in restraints.
and these reatraints are legal. in fact, they are encouraged!
this allows me to do a proper blow out and flat iron sesh.
those people at chrysler are genius!

that greasy ponytail is a thing of the past.

i may drive a minivan but from now on, this mama's going to be looking fly.
i may even have make up on next time you see me.

you see,
with picnics in the car my house will be cleaner,
my hair will be done,
and i will look more rested with these newfound catnaps every now and then.
i just need to remember to throw a pillow in 'er.

so don't feel sorry for me. i just think of lola as my spa on wheels.

who said you can't be chic and drive a minivan?

oh, yeah, that was me.
i have changed my mind.


  1. You've made me laugh. I drive a minivan here in New Zealand (essential with my 4 kids). The only thing chic about mine is that is doesn't have curtains, like many of them do here. It has been named the Looser Cruiser by my husband who stuggled most the need for one. I've learnt to love it. Cx

  2. I learned to take naps in the back of mine when carting son #2 to soccer practices on the other side of no where!
    You're gonna love this contraption!

  3. I just laughed out loud. Fabulous!

  4. That's the way to make lemonade out of lemons. atagirl!!

  5. I am sooo jealous. I've been working on the Hubs for a while now. You and he 'were' on the same page. Unfortunately your reasons of blow dryers and flat irons are not gonna help me convince him. I may have to have Matt have a talk with him. ;)

  6. Ok, utilizing that plug to blow dry and flat iron your hair is absolutely genius. I don't have kids yet, but when I do, this van is number 1 on my list. Thank you for this idea!

  7. Why did you name you minivan “Lola”? It’s all a matter of appreciation, whether you are driving an SUV, a minivan or a vintage car. Anyway, there’s more to love about your minivan! I hope you’ll enjoy driving it!