Friday, May 25, 2012

bahama mamas intro

here's the deal.

i went on the trip of a lifetime.
it was the most wonderful gift a girl could have ever asked for.
i don't want to forget one single second.
a for real - a girls trip is good for your soul, my friends.

it's taken too long for me to blog about it.
putting it on paper marks a sense of finality.
mama doesn't want finality.

i can still smell the salty air. just a little bit. if i close my eyes.
my skin is no longer tight from getting a little too much sun.
my hair is back to a flat ponytail mess instead of a salty beachy mess.
i prefer the salty beachy mess.

the pain in my abs has finally subsided.
we laughed ridiculously for four days straight.
ridiculously, guys.

my thighs have finally stopped twitching from dancing the nights away.
and my sea legs have officially returned to land legs.


i want sea legs.

i went on a girls trip to the bahamas in case
you didn't know.
if you know me irl (in real life) you know.
i didn't talk about anything else until the minute i left.
and i haven't stopped.

talking about it, that is.
my husband has politely asked me to stop.
my husband has not politely asked me to stop.
i have had to make my own coffee.
on the boat?
we had boys make our coffee.
they were the best boys.
they wanted to be called men.
but, boys sounds sexier to us girls.
since it was our trip?
they remained boys.
but, before i introduce our boys,
i'm going to give you the short version of the who and the how.

lora, my sister, married nick, one of my bff's from high school.
matty, my husband, was in that circle.
 he has been friends with nick since jr. high and he lived with nicky in college.
i have permanantly added y's to their names.

his sister, ashlea and i cheered allstars and high school together.
our families are friends.
his parents.
our parents.
the goes on.
it's a tangled web we weave i tell you.

now, it gets deeper. and crazier. so make sure your paying attention.
who you all know from buggie and jellybean,
is nick and ashlea's cousin.
and she is my friend. and my cousin-in-law. and her sister is elizabeth,
we just say we're cousins, okaaaay? so amy and elizabeth are my cousins. got it?

it actually gets more complicated.
2 sisters married 2 brothers. chris+kathleen and frank+maryellen.
but we couldn't get the bahamian's to understand it so i guess i don't expect you to, either.

moving on.

we were planning on a grils trip to frank+maryellen's beach condo.
i was thrilled.
a few days later,
i got a text from amy saying the condo was out.
i cried.
and being the naughty trickster she is, she waited an hour until she texted me again.
saying that maryellen wanted to go to the bahamas instead.
the bahamas.

seven girls
hopped on their plane

and then we hopped on their boat.

which took us to their other boat - the fa-la-me.

i felt the same way.
trust me.

we spent the next four days on that boat.
93% of it i can't blog about.
the 7% i can blog about?
i will.

now for our boys.
we love them.

this is captainrob. he was our main man.
and he can drive that monster of a boat. and back it up.

this is jon.

and this is taylor.

maryellen and her boys.

they kept the bubbly on ice, the coolers full and our glasses topped off.

unfortunately it was not all fun and games on the boat.
there were team meetings held multiple times throughout the day where we would meet and discuss the days plans or whatever else maryellen deemed appropriate.

lots of team meetings. and attendance was manditory.

once the morning meeting was over we would suit up and head out.

today was just the intro post.
i will be back for the day one post.

until then? i'll be dreaming of the fa-la-me.


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