Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my very first pinterest project

that i actually finished.
i've started many of them.
but you can give me a big fat check mark in the completion department.
and my husband is thaaaaa-rilled.
he hates that i start projects and don't finish them.
so annoying to a crafty free spirit such as myself.
can i get an amen?

i know crayon art is so four months ago
that is when i started this project.
and i finished it saturday.
an hour before our new years eve party started.
so without further ado, here she is.

i sorted 6,893,787 crayons into like colors.

peeled the labels off until all my nails broke and bled.
and made sure dark colors were actually as dark as they looked.

and melted.

i wanted four canvases, not just one so it definitely took a lot of trial, error and time but i'm happy.
not as happy as my husband is that i actually finished, but happy.

and everyone who says it is quick and easy is lying to you.
unless you leave the wrappers on, and only do one canvas. i wanted them off. and i wanted four.
my hairdryer turned them into liquid almost immediately making them splatter all over the place.
which meant new canvases, more peeling and insurmountable discouragement.
but i started over.
and i used a heat gun.
remember, slow and steady wins this race.
happy crafting, my friends.



  1. LOVE this! Who knew crayons could do this kind of artwork!!

  2. How did I miss this blog? I'm really disappointed in myself!! I cannot believe how incredible this looks and how you were able to finish not one, but FOUR canvases. The perfect accent to a beautifully designed room! i love you Baby!!

  3. This is awesome, I love it!!! It looks amazing, so bright and happy and perfect for a family with young children. Well done!!! Andrea (NZ)

  4. whoa whoa whoa... where did you get that couch?

    i mean, great work on the pinterest craft. :-)

  5. These came out great! I came over from Amy's blog and am now following after reading back a few posts. Lovely blog/ family/ writing!

  6. :) looks wonderful!:) I too have a long list of 1/3 started projects. Pinterest only lengthened that list ;)

  7. Great job! I made one of these (single canvas) for my nephew for Christmas. Seeing yours, I am now kicking myself for not taking the wrappers off of the crayons. I like the look without so much better! And my use of a hair dryer led to some splatter of crayon on my carpet...oops! Made it work once I realized how to angle the hair dryer, but it was for sure trial and error. Great job on your Pinterest project! :)

  8. So, I realize this post is ages ago....but....I am not crafty, nor persistent, but want one or five of these so I need more deets! How did you stick the crayons on, first of all. And then, what's a heat gun??? Love this!

  9. I know, I am years behind...but have the perfect spot for something like this, and I am ready to try it, but need to know: how did you glue the crayons to the canvas? Beautiful final product!!