Friday, January 6, 2012

and she saved the day

I'm banging this post out as Matty is holding the baby in the other room.
He thinks I am getting a "load of laundry ready" so I've got to be quick.
Having him off for two weeks has been bittersweet.
He's a drill sergeant, that Matty.
"No sitting down" around here says the man who gets a full nights sleep.

I have been trying to blog more.
And I wanted to blog yesterday.
Or today.
everyone in this house minus Stella Bella and I have been sick.

And guess what that means?
You are spared a detailed post about throw up and the twelve loads of laundry I have done in the past day.

But you still get a post.

My cousin, the queen of crafts and the creator of the most uh door uh bull food art you have ever seen, Amy, from Buggie and Jellybean does the most fun post every month.

I love them. And guess who she asked to share her deets?
And I vowed not to take anything out once she requested my presence.
But, I did throw away like four receipts and a Heineken bottle top. Because I just thought that was too trashy being that I already had a wine bottle opener. And I don't think that top was mine. I think it was Matt's. Yup, it was Matt's.

Anyways, she usually asks for a short list of contents and poses a few questions.
Apparently my list was long. I know. Can't stop talking. Story of my life.
I thought that list was just my email to her and she went and threw it on her blog.

So hop over.
And enjoy.

And Aim, I think you should do your purse next month and I ask the questions, capiche?
And no cheating unlike the last two you had. Or is that really how other peoples purses are?
I'm a mess.
Matt's yelling for me. He needs to get better soon because this whole taking care of a fourth child stuff is for the birds!

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  1. Too funny! Loved the stuff in your purse! So so, well, predictable in a way. :) Sorry everyone has been sick...that's the pits! Good luck love.