Thursday, January 19, 2012

help a sista out

everyone is still sick around here.
i'll spare you the details.
you're welcome.
we've been going strong in the sick dept. for almost month.

stella and i have been the strongest.
just getting half sick and such.
however, last night she joined the dark side.
she's a snotty, watery eyed, sniffly mess.
poor peanut.

good thing she has a sister that has
been there
done that.

i walked in the room and chloe was blowing stella's nose.
i die when i see this sweet side of her, it doesn't happen often.

i also died when she ran in the room wearing my bra yelling "bwa, bwa" and shimmying her little shoulders.
yes she did, my friends, yes she did.

they're so flippin' cute when they aren't screaming.

1 comment:

  1. How sweet. I love it when they help. I hope you all get better soon.