Wednesday, May 18, 2011


they're all liars.

people told me that twins get easier at
three months
then six months
a year.

i now know they're liars.
all of them.

i have come to the conclusion that it will never get easier.

and i know a few moms with young twins read this blog
i want you to know
they are all liars.

it doesn't get easier. it gets harder.

in the beginning they don't sleep but at least they just lay there.
you can
facebook know, the necessities.

and you are in such a delirious sleep deprived state that nothing seems real.
now, i am awake and aware.
and i am fully aware that it has not gotten easier.
they start rolling
then they start crawling
and walking
then running
in opposite directions.
and they learn how to open the pantry.
and they empty the pantry.

and the first day it's cute
because they will play in one area for six minutes with the pantry contents.

but then
they learn how to open the front door
and run outside
in opposite directions
with canned goods
in just a shirt and diaper because they have learned to take their clothes off.
so you just stop caring whether or not they look cute 100% of the time.

so you run out.
bring one twin in.
go outside to get the other one.
only to find out the first one opened the door and is now outside again
with more cans.
you then see their first round of booty rolling into the street.

that last series has only happened a few times.
but it has happened.
thank goodness we live on a quiet cul de sac.

their new favorite game is open the bathroom door, open the toilet, play in toilet, splash and lick each others hands.
dunk the pacy in the toilet and put it back in your mouth as toilet water drips down your face is another crowd pleaser.

who does that?

they also dabble in open mommy's and daddy's door and hide.
here's what we're working with now.

he is not strong enough to move the couch yet but give him a few weeks.

i am getting way too fat and pregnant to move the couch every time i want to go in or out of my bedroom.

our doors have handles, not knobs so finding those safety doorknob things has been difficult. i found something that may work so stay tuned

 people tell me eventually they will play together but as for now?
not so much.

they can't talk so playtime is usually short lived and ends up in one getting hurt.
sometimes physically usually emotionally.
and these kids are draaaaaamatic.
they got it from their dada.
bahahahaha. those of you who don't know me might believe this and i love it.
every stolen toy results in a major crisis.

and have you been lucky enough to dine with us?
what a joke.
highchairs are no mas around here. they "sit" in big kid chairs nowadays.....but that is a whole 'nother post.
so eating out is pretty much impossible.
the only way we make it through is if i carb load them.
i just keep feeding them.

the good news is the new baby will be here in august so everything will get a whole lot easier then.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

my day

i feel like this is my first real mothers day.

last year we had 8 week old twins and the notion of seizing the moment and appreciating what this day means was no where in sight. reality was no where in sight.

this year, i get it.

i know how it feels to have the two biggest beating pieces of my heart walking around outside of my body.

i watch you both in awe not believing i made you.

my favorite part of our day is when you wake up. you both crawl on my lap, drink your milk and we watch sesame street.

during this time, i make a conscious effort to be present. to hug you both. and to literally feel my love for you pour out of my body and into yours. at that moment i think yup, this is what it's supposed to feel like.

if you both wake up every morning and go to sleep every night knowing that i loved you every second of the day then i will feel like i've done my job.

and to the little girl in my belly, as much as i can't wait to meet you, know that i am loving this time when you are trapped in my belly and you are all mine.

and to my mamma.....

thank you for guiding me and teaching me so many invaluable lessons.

thank you for teaching me to cook, craft, bake and for fostering my creativity.

thank you for decorating for every holiday making our house feel magical.

thank you for answering the phone in the middle of the night to help me realize my self diagnosed terminal illness is by no means not terminal at all. phewww.

thanks for kissing me back to health and happiness.

and most of all

thank you for constantly telling me how much you love me.

thank you to my stepmom for coming in to our lives as we were monsters (my words, not hers) and loving us still.

and to my sweet husband, you are a gem. thank you for making me the mamma to the most amazing children on this planet. for me, being a mother will be my greatest legacy. the best thing i will have ever done. thank you for doing such an amazing job walking by my side. you are my best friend and i love watching you as a father.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

summer lovin'

spring was nice. all two days of it.

yesterday the thermometer in my car said it was 103. um excuse me, what? it's definitely summer. so what do we do here in florida? we swim.

the twins are obsessed with "melmo" have you heard the twins say melmo? you'll die.


i have decided that busch gardens will be my saving grace this summer, i can sit and the kids can splash in sesame street land. pahahaha. yeah right, i can't sit. but, at least their screams aren't as loud as they are at home.

cheers to that.

if only i could enjoy a fruity summer cocktail as they frolicked.

next summer.
it's just that this baby in my belly is getting big.
maybe i'm just getting big but the thought of getting even bigger and it getting even hotter is enough for me to get snippy.....scratch that, it actually makes me hateful.

i don't like the heat sans baby let alone with child.
anyway. i'm getting off topic. i pretty much just dropped by for you to see how flippin' cute these babies are.

please note: there is an absurd number of pictures

i was unable to cut back because i have the cutest kids to have ever walked the planet.

for realz.

Monday, May 2, 2011

big kids

we're kind of like little mini houdinis.
no matter how tight mommy and daddy strap us in our high chairs we can get out.
mommy finally got the hint when she saw my bubba standing on his high chair tray.
she's not a slacker of a mom, we're just really quick.

we probably wouldn't have to be so crazy if mamma would just get the hint that we are ready to move on to bigger and better things.


this is how we eat now.

we're kind of big.

it's nice.

now we can face each other and have a conversation like normal twins.

of course i'll sit still as long as i know food is coming to the table.

him? not so much. this is as much as he will commit to sitting.

i dragged my chair in here to watch a lil blue's clues and of course he started whining because he wants to do everything i do. mamma brought his chair in and then he wouldn't even sit still long enough to occupy it. someone needs to teach him to chill. and to think, the whole time we were in mamma's belly she thought i was the active one. silly mamma.