Monday, May 2, 2011

big kids

we're kind of like little mini houdinis.
no matter how tight mommy and daddy strap us in our high chairs we can get out.
mommy finally got the hint when she saw my bubba standing on his high chair tray.
she's not a slacker of a mom, we're just really quick.

we probably wouldn't have to be so crazy if mamma would just get the hint that we are ready to move on to bigger and better things.


this is how we eat now.

we're kind of big.

it's nice.

now we can face each other and have a conversation like normal twins.

of course i'll sit still as long as i know food is coming to the table.

him? not so much. this is as much as he will commit to sitting.

i dragged my chair in here to watch a lil blue's clues and of course he started whining because he wants to do everything i do. mamma brought his chair in and then he wouldn't even sit still long enough to occupy it. someone needs to teach him to chill. and to think, the whole time we were in mamma's belly she thought i was the active one. silly mamma.



  1. Bubba has a little Captain in him.

  2. Beef. This is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!! I love how chloe's little ankles are crossed while she sits. Their faces are so cute i cant take it while theyre sitting at that table!!!
    Xoxoxo amiee

  3. okay, this is the cutest thing ever! love it! can't wait until i actually get to squeeze those little cuties!

  4. great post chloe!