Tuesday, May 3, 2011

summer lovin'

spring was nice. all two days of it.

yesterday the thermometer in my car said it was 103. um excuse me, what? it's definitely summer. so what do we do here in florida? we swim.

the twins are obsessed with "melmo" have you heard the twins say melmo? you'll die.


i have decided that busch gardens will be my saving grace this summer, i can sit and the kids can splash in sesame street land. pahahaha. yeah right, i can't sit. but, at least their screams aren't as loud as they are at home.

cheers to that.

if only i could enjoy a fruity summer cocktail as they frolicked.

next summer.
it's just that this baby in my belly is getting big.
maybe i'm just getting big but the thought of getting even bigger and it getting even hotter is enough for me to get snippy.....scratch that, it actually makes me hateful.

i don't like the heat sans baby let alone with child.
anyway. i'm getting off topic. i pretty much just dropped by for you to see how flippin' cute these babies are.

please note: there is an absurd number of pictures

i was unable to cut back because i have the cutest kids to have ever walked the planet.

for realz.


  1. LOVE the pics! An amazing blogger and photographer! You and Matt make some cute kids, fo sure! Wish we could get some of that heat this way, I would love to be feeling uncomfortable being preggo in the heat if it meant we could be outside playing in the water! Wish we were there! Love you cuz!

  2. Who takes all these great pictures? I thought I had a good camera and took good pics., but these are soooo good!!

  3. What kind of camera do you use? Those are awesome pictures. The way the water is caught in droplets... wow. My camera would just blur lol

  4. Hi! I use a Canon Rebel DSLR and I love it!