Thursday, August 4, 2011

the twins


"they" might be right.

the twins might be beginning to realize they are so 2010.
and miss 2011is going to make an appearance any day now.

i threaten them with that, you know.
i tell them they have competition.
and whether that is right or wrong i don't care.
by the time they discover that they need therapy they will most likely be on their own.
it's all about making it through the day around here.

either way. they have been a delight.
for real.
like i would hang out with them even if i wasn't their mom.

they are like little mini adorable adults.
that listen

and they caaa-rack each other up.
reason #6,327 it is so awesome to have twins.

listening to them crack each other up?

there's no sweeter sound in the world, baby.

and chloe said her first sentence the other day. 2 words to be exact.

byeeeeee dada.
followed by
nieeeeeeght dada.

so flippin'' precious it was.

they are talking up a storm. they both say
big bird
sueeeeeees which is shoooooeees.
melmo (elmo) like 742 times a day
gabba for yo gabba gabba
and their favorite......EAT EAT EAT always in threes.
all of their aunts and uncles names, some require having more imagination than others but still.
all of their grandparents names.
hieeeeeeeee is hi
byeeeeeeeee is bye
and nigh nigh
and lots of others that i just can't think of right now.

they are quite parrot like and will attempt to repeat anything you spew at them.

they still are infatuated with animals and make tons of animal sounds.

they love to run in and out of the room yelling baaaooooo! they think they are very scary and they do it with huge animated arms and it is hilarious.
they still torture each other and have spent many a days in time out but i have found talking to them like real adults actually works better.

my children used the pack n play time out time as gym time. they would jump and land on their butts and laugh hysterically.
and when one would go in time out the other would just walk around saying bubba over and over.

bubba was calling chloe
coco or
but it has now turned into bubba.
so we have two bubba's.
be jealous.

the girl bubba is a night owl and some nights will talk to herself and just play alone for two hours. they go down at 8 and she has been kknown to outlast matt and me. just talking away. colton always falls asleep first and twice now we have walked in to find chloe flinging her blanket into her sleeping brothers crib whipping him and yelling bubba, bubba, bubba. she doesn't want to party alone but will if it is required. and it was, because he slept through it both times so she went back to her business and just gabbed away.

the boy bubba is a master manipulator and although he still throws ridiculous tantrums that literally leave him hoarse from screaming, i think he is starting to realize i'm not having it.
so they are subsiding.
which is amazing.

he mostly gets in trouble for hitting chloe or taking whatever she is paying with.
his new trick is to eye something and put it in his hand. That way, when he takes whatever she is playing with and gets disciplined he quickly puts the 2nd string toy in her hand as to say look, i'm actually being nice by giving you this new better toy.
rarely works.
scary watching him craft this plan with his beady little eyes.

chloe used to feel that screaming her head off in something so high pitched it literally made my ears ring was her best defense.
now, she gets physical.
and she looks legitimately scary all while accosting her brother.

they also start crying when they hurt each other.
for example,
chloe smacks colton in the face.
it doesn't hurt but colton knows to starts crying anyway.
chloe starts crying.
for no reason


they have to apologize by kissing and "saying" sorry, 99% of the time the crying stops when the kiss commences.
most definitely.

chloe finally got her first black eye by taking a corner of a book to the eye. from her brother, not me.

and the best part???? these kids are sleeping until 8:30/9:00.

i'm telling you,
i keep reminding them i have a new baby coming and they just keep getting better and better.

and seriously,
they keep getting cuter and cuter......

think happy labor thoughts, will be happening any day now.


  1. O-M-G! They are just precious! Hang in there, number 3 will be here before you know it. In the meantime, NAP at every chance you get...I know, easier said than done, right! :)

  2. I can't get over how cute those kids are!!!