Thursday, December 1, 2011

chili cuz it's chilly

so here we are.
it's december people.
i just put a pair of six month pajamas on my three and a half month daughter.
i just don't get it.

i need at least one to stay little.
i can't change that you say?
ok, guess i'll just have another baby.

i kid.
i kid.

we made our first batch of winter chili.
and by we, i mean me.

and this kid?
has started doing something new.
he makes the face below
while while saying
moaw. moaw. moaw. moaw. moaw. moaw.
moaw. moaw.
did you guess more?
you were right.
the funny part isn't the moaw.
no my friends.
it's the intensity and the pitch change at each progressive moaw.
and higher
and higher.
in the end? it's like mariah carey high.

and girlfriend still loves her some food.
so far cantaloupe is the only thing she doesn't like.
smart kid.
that stuff is boo.
she used to not like raw spinach but she's come around.
again, smart kid.

and it appears as though the boy has become a vegetarian.
he and meat broke up about a month ago.
unless it's fried.
again, smart kid.
last night he literally ate every bean in his chili successfully dodging all pieces of meat.

the new cutest thing that they do?

i know.
i know.
i die.
notice the death grip on the high chair?
they pull each other closer so they can feed each other.
chloe will fill her spoon and say "bye, bye? bubba?"
that means bite, bite? bubba?

feeding themselves sloppy meals almost always results in a soak.
it's just easier.

they were so good today.
thank you, jesus.
because this girl
quit sleeping.

it happened like six weeks ago.
i didn't want to tell you guys because i know it's my fault.
and i was hoping it was just a phase.
my cousin angie told me a long time ago
and i did.
way too early apparently.

sweet girl, have mercy on my soul.
waking up six times a night is no good.
no good i tell you.
but do you want to know what's funny?
i always say to matt,
"is six times a night normal?"
"it's not that bad, is it?"
"i mean, it feels bad on my crazy mind but is six times really that bad?"
i feel like it isn't because the twins would wake up like 62 times a night.
i'm exaggerating, it was really like 58 times.
so six times still doesn't feel that bad.

help me.
how did you sleep train your child?
with the twins we made them cry it out (in a less harsh way) but they were seven months.
i don't think i can wait that long with this sweet pea but i am no where near ready to do that tonight.
tomorrow? maybe, but not tonight.
so flood me with amazing advice por favor.
now if you'll excuse me i must get back to this.

and my fingers are sticky from the s'more i am eating
making it difficult to type.


  1. you seriously crack me up! I LOVE your sarcasm!

  2. Thanks, Cindy....but I'm serious it really was like 58 times a night ; )

  3. We tried various sleep training methods. I don't remember this much (which I guess is a good thing and means it wasn't that bad??) but my husband says we did cry it out at about 3 or 4 months. I do remember going to the liquor store and buying 4 bottles of wine in preparation :) In theory, it wasn't too bad and literally took 3 nights. We still have our issues when Wyatt gets really out of routine, but it seems that sometimes Daddy can be the charm. Stella may be too young to realize but at least once Wyatt got older if he started crying after being put in bed, Sam was the only one to go in there. Half the time WG was crying because he wanted me. He learned by night 2 that I wasn't coming and he should just lay down and go to sleep.
    I have several books (I have read parts of most) if you need any recommendations. I also get free two day amazon shipping if you need any help there :)
    Yes it may be "your fault" but I don't think that makes you a bad mom. Sam sometimes tells me that WG's sleep issues are "because of me" not him because he would always let him cry it out. I say fine. I love that kid to pieces and sometimes he just wants his momma and he can have her. :)
    Hope you get some good advice and find something soon that works. Oh and I have some notes I may email you from Moms on Call (did this at 3 months.)

  4. Ha Ha You know I DON'T have any sleep training advice!

    But I wanted to say that the bowl on Bubba's head pic is like a prize winner or something. Love it. Chloe's satisfied tub smile was presh too.

  5. OMG! You are just a hoot! or maybe it's the kids who are really the hoot! In any case i was in bed reading this is no doubt woke up my room (for which I could care less!) and my dear friend who is here helping me now. what a fun way to start my day!