Wednesday, December 7, 2011

running, donating, christmas and such

if there is one thing i wish i could do it would be running.
runners just have swagger.
and good bodies.
but a runner, my friends, i am not.

i just can't wrap my head around it.

i definitely can't wrap my head around 26 flippin miles.
who does that?

i'll tell you who.
do i know her?
not exactly. we're internet peeps.
i know her sister, jamie. and if she's half as fun as jamie (which i happen to think that she is because her blog is for real funny) then i'm game to hop on the kellyn bandwagon.

obviously she can tell their story better than i can.
check out this link.

she is running the boston marathon.
for her brother.
and for others.
insane, right?
i think it's amazing.
and you know i love me some sibling lovin'.

so, how does this tie in with christmas you ask?
well, i'll tell you.

with three kids comes three times the crap.
these kids have so much.
too much.
we're running out of room.
and the last thing we need around here is more stuff.
so, we have decided, each christmas we are going to donate to a charitable cause in their names.
i know, they'll be thrilled in a few years, right?
less presents more donating?
but, we need to teach them about giving and all that other not fun stuff that kids need to learn.

so this year?

we're running for ryan
figuratively, of course.
i can't make it around my block let alone all of boston.

so go read kellyn's blog.
she'll make you laugh.
and i'm sure the more you read, the more she'll write.

and donate lots of your dollars.
girlfriend just found out that ipods are "frowned upon" during the race so she needs a little pick me up.

i know.
i know.
how do you run 26 miles minus rad music?
there are lots of ways to donate.

go here to find out how.

and if you want one of her to make you one of her adorable homemade aprons make sure you let her know you're in no rush.
she has like 4 bajillion orders to fill.

kellyn, you'll be happy to know my mom randomly made chloe an apron for christmas so you're off the hook.
now you have more time to run.
ugh. that sounds terrible.

ya'll know how good it feels to give.
so, i'll spare you the lecture as long as you give to someone, somehow this season mkay?


  1. AMAZING! You rock, lady! High-fives to the Stratton family! Drinks on me... when that happens. And it will. You, me, the monster children, a padded room and couple of bottles of wine? yes? yes!

  2. You DO rock!! Wish I were closer to give you a HUGE HUG!! Besides, they don't even understand the concept of "presents for THEM" vs. Giving to others! Wish I had thought of that!! And also you do enough running after the 3 babes to make up for those 26 mi. a day!!! :) XO