Friday, December 9, 2011

is it less annoying in small doses?

i realize it is only december 9th.
and i know we've got a whole lotta december to go.
so, are my christmas posts less annoying in small doses?
probs not.
these moments
that make memories
must be recorded i tell you.

the tree isn't decorated.
but, i did unpack the twins first ornaments from last year.

without any tears thankyouverymuch.

"our first christmas"
i die.

i tend to get emo during the holidays.
but we've got a long way to go people.
so i'll spare you for now.
on sunday?
we're going to see the big mouse.
and the twins have become obsessed with him lately.
so be prepared.
monday may have a post with way too many pictures.

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