Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We have arrived......kinda

Whattup people? I haven't wanted to jinx myself but I think we're in the clear now.....kinda. My cousin said it best when she said

"never talk about the no hitter".

Well, I think we made it, through the no hitter, that is. These babes are sleeping!


But not too loud because they are sleeping now! That is the other miracle goin down around here......the better they sleep at night, the better they sleep during the day. It's like the greatest domino effect ever.


Crying it out works and yes, I probably should have done it a few months ago. Just like A LOT of you told me to.

They still wake up a few times throughout the night but, they fall back asleep on their own within a few minutes.

Last night?
Not so much for the Bubs.
Why you ask?
Because he was busy making a tooth!

Yup, it's official, he has the cutest tooth you have ever seen in your life, promise.

Last night I had a baby. Today he might as well be driving a car too fast and looking at girls butts who are wearing shorts that are too tight.

Oye vey.

You all told me this would happen but I'm just not ready.

I also wasn't ready for this.....

It truly will be a miracle if we make it another month without a visit to the ER. He fell, busted his face and got a little baby bloody nose. How cute is that?

Wanna know what else is cute? My baby girl now says is only cute because she said

Yup, that girl knows who butters her bread!

The twins costumes are well under way and I have only had to unsew them once so far. Yes, you would be correct in that I will most likely be pulling up somewhere to purchase last minute costumes on Sunday.

In more successful crafting news, I would like for you to see what the twins wore to their Uncle Michael's birthday dinner.

This was probably the 95th picture and, as you can see, they were over it 95 pictures ago.


  1. love reading your blog- it makes me smile every time! ps- the birthday shirts- too cute!!

  2. So cute!!!You are so funny!!