Friday, October 8, 2010

And the award goes to......

When my mom called me Monday offering to take the twinks to the zoo on Thursday I was hesitant. I wanted to take them to the zoo for the first time. I wanted to get pictures, see their faces and make memories. I told her I would talk to Matt and get back to her.

Matt made me feel a little bit better about the idea reminding me that it would give me HOURS to myself and that they really wouldn't remember. Ever since I had the twins I am a lot less selfish. I know everyone says it will happen but I wasn't really 100% sure it would happen to me.


But, it did.

I thought about it and decided I wanted to be there for their first zoo visit and I would even compromise alone time to do it. Whether they would remember or not I knew it was important to me. That was, until I remembered what else happened on Thursday. All that went fuuuuu-lying out the window when I remembered a lil sumpthin.

Nordstrom Rack was opening the same day......

Needless to say, my mom picked up the twins, I threw on my Mother of the Year crown, and I high tailed it straight to Nordys. Not caring about the lines even though I was warned by my sister and a friend that it was pretty intense up in thurr.

Didn't care thankyouverymuch

Shopping at my fav store's outlet uninterrupted was enough to make me say zoo who? 
Plus, how bad could it be? What could 47,829 crazy fashionistas have on me? I have twins! With register lines wrapped around the store and stuff strewn about the place I snapped up my great deals braved the dressing room lines, waited in the register lines and headed home to a few more hours of peace and quiet. Yup, I am Mother of the Year unless, of course, Nordstrom comes into play.

Thank you mommy for the peace and quiet and add another IOU to my tab.

And you, don't judge!

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