Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh What a Night

No, it didn't help.

I'm not giving up hope.
Tonight's the night.

We did, however, have a little snafu.
Long story short (short for me, that is. My bro constantly asks me to tell stories in Cliff Notes)-
I'm grumpy but lots of peeps have asked how it went last night. I don't want to keep them hanging so here's how it all went down.

Chloe got really sick last night.
Throwing up all over everyone and everything.
She choked a lot and was throwing up through her nose.
We're rookies.
We were terrified.
Called mom for an emergency sleepover and Uncle Dr. Scott for a late night consultation.
Moved Colton back to the twins room.
Chloe slept in bed with mom and me.
Matt in the guest bed.
We were up all night.
And, as usual, so were the kids.

Tonight's the night.
We switched it up, Chloe is in the closet dreaming about all the heels I never wear anymore.
We're all better around here and, no, Colton didn't catch it even though I fed him with the same spoon last night.


Oh - P.S. How cute is it that they yawned at the EXACT same time today and woke up from a nap at the exact same time even though they were at opposite ends of our house. So weird those twins are.

P.P.S - Big ups to Uncle Michael, yo. He helped my mom and me clean my whole house today.

Until tomorrow.......


  1. I thought I would never write but I think I might be addicted! No one can tell me to shut it on here! Ha!

  2. love the way you write- it's exactly the way you talk! love hearing your stories!