Thursday, November 25, 2010


i am thankful.
i love thanksgiving.
it's my favorite holiday

i love
the chaos
the mess
the stress
the fact that it's 11:14 am and i have already run the dishwasher twice
the parade
the beautiful linens
the perfectly set table
the music that is being drowned out by my husband yelling at the tv screen
the lions and the cowboys
the fact that the tv gods magically start football right after santa moseys on down 34th Street and Herald Square.
it's like they want all wives and husbands to be aligned and not to have to do paper rock scissors to see which will be starring on the big tv.

i love
the flickering candles
the laughter
the wine
my moms stuffing
my grandma p's pumpkin pie
my grandma wood's pecan tarts
a  too full tummy
my family drinking, laughing and eating all under one roof......except jess who we will miss over and over again and hope she will somehow surprise us by walking through the door.
staying up late and drinking more than i should not wanting it to end.
i love this time of year.

i feel lit in my bones when i think of how thankful i am.
i get choked up.
i never thought this thing called life could be this good.
it is.

these kids have changed my life more than they will ever know
so this thanksgiving
i'm not going to let the mess of everyday life get in the way.
i'm going to stop for a minute and try to make them feel my love.

i'm going to hug my family a little bit tighter as the night comes to an end.
i'm going to beg them to stay.
you people are my life and i hope you know how thankful i am for all of you.
you don't get to choose your family but if you could, i wouldn't change a thing.

xoxo and happy turkeying ya'll


  1. You have no idea what a gift you are to all of us. I'm not sure what I ever did to have been given the honor of being your Mom, but I thank God every day for you! One day, your babies will realize what a special Mommy they have and when they do, your heart will be even fuller!!! I love you Marissa Ann.

  2. totally beautiful :)

    hope it was a great day!

  3. Ummmm Emily Anderson......I am almost peeing in my pants that you commented on MY blog. I have arrived.