Thursday, November 11, 2010

8 months.

How we got from here

to here
I'll never know.

I do know you two are
by far
the cutest children on the entire planet.

You get more fun everyday and now that you are sleeping I don't have that much to complain about.

I think I'm actually going to have to clean the house now that I'm getting sleep.

 That sucks.

I write you each letters but those are just for you so here are a few of my favorite things for everyone else to enjoy.

Colton: You have so much hair and it's getting darker. I think Daddy is jealous - he lost his hair at 14 ; )
Chloe: You have barely any and you are definitely a blondie.

Colton: You sleep all night but are not a fan of naps. Sometimes you scream for 30 minutes before going down.
Chloe: You are a big nap fan.....yesterday you slept for 3 1/2 hours.

You both say mama, dada and nuhnuh and Chloe you throw in a Bubba every now and then. Chlo - you are close to saying bye bye and do the the cutest little practicing thing that daddy and I can't get enough of. Everytime you are asked to mimic me you move your lips like "I better make sure my mouth can do that before I try to make the noise"

Chloe: You love food. Your favorites are still mango, avacado and this month we can go ahead and add bananas, peas and brown rice to the list.
Colton: You also like peas and brown rice but bananas are definitely your favorite. You eat, but you are far less enthusiastic than your sister. Somehow you still manage to outweigh her by almost 3 pounds???

Colton is crawling all over the place and acting mildly like Godzilla toppling over any and everything. Yes, your sister included as you can see here.

And here.

And here.

Chloe: I think you are going to start crawling any day now. You get up on all fours, rock back and forth and even move one knee forward but then realize what's the point and plop back down on your belly. I can't decide whether you are a master manipulator or just a controlling little girl. Neither of which run in the family on my side! The more we try to make you crawl the more opposed you are. You have resorted to shooting your legs out like a pencil and locking them so we can't get you into the crawl position again.

You both love Yo Gabba Gabba and are mesmorized by the mere sound of DJ Lance Rocks footsteps. When the song starts - forget about it. **Yes my kids watch tv. They watch a lot of tv....let the eye rolling and judging commence.***

You both still share a pair of dimples and it is one of my favorite things about you. Chloe's is on the right and Colton's is on the left. I actually think know that you guys are getting them on both sides now, but I refuse to acknowledge it because it is so much cuter thinking you share a pair.

Bubba we still call Bubba and only Bubba but Chloe has 462 nicknames. I will be shocked if you ever know your real name. I call you Tika (pronounced Teeeeka) most often now. You love being tickled which turned in to tEEkle which morphed into teeka. So now I call you Tika. Or Tika Chica. Dady calls you birdie because you always flap your arms and legs in udder deliciousness when he walks through the door. You're still Chlo, Baby G and G. Ok, so maybe not 462 but I feel like there are way more than 4??

We're getting ready to put you in your big kid carseats. You even tested them out the other day but I am still hesitant to take the leap.....not because I want to hold on your babyness for ever and ever.
That would be silly!
No, really, it's not for that reason.
It's because I will now have to carry you two everywhere instead of carrying just your carseats, which is actually more difficult than it sounds.

You both love music and really love it when I sing to you. Our favorite song is You Are My Sunshine and I cry almost every single time I get to the "you'll never know dear, how much I love you" part.

Because, it's true.

You'll never ever know dears, how much I love you.

Happy 8 month Birthday 2 days late.


  1. i choke up on that part of the song too! :) and ps- our tv is on all day- jenna has quite the vocab and i credit pbs kids. ;)

    yo gabba gabba, yo gabba gabba, yo gabba gabba, yooooooooooo- lol

    thanks for the update!!! love you and your babes!

  2. Dear twins,

    Happy 8 month birthday! I'm so happy I finally got to meet you last week when I was in town from DC! You both have the cutest personalities. Colton, you're hilarious. A total comedian. You're going to be such a heartbreaker. I can already tell. My favorite thing you do is when you go "HA" and hit your hand on the table, or whatever is the closest hard surface. Chloe James (this will be my nickname for you - I LOVE it), even though you cried when I first held you and when I last held you before you all left for the beach, that time in between when you let me hold you on my lap for a good 45 minutes - that was pretty special :) I love the fact that you're a little diva sometimes. Keep that up. I did, and I don't think I turned out so bad ;)

    Anyway, even though my brother and I didn't get to hang out with your mom, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa as much as we would've wanted to over the years, we have always shared a special, unspoken bond with them all, and I hope that we share that same bond with you two and your cousin Emma someday too :)

    You'll know never know dears how much we Alberts love you!

  3. Margie - I was just on your blog too!

    KEA - I'm so emo now. I just teared up reading that! xoxo.

  4. Love this part: I can't decide whether you are a master manipulator or just a controlling little girl. Neither of which run in the family on my side! LOL!!! I grew up with your mom!

  5. YAY! My first comment (I haven't been able to do this before for some reason) I love this post, it made me cry. And I can't believe it has already been 8 months. I love you, the twinks, and of course Matty too :) xoxo C

  6. funny, look back at the newborn pics and Colton has not changed a bit!! He looks exactly the way he did right out the womb. MAN are they so cute! You forgot 1 of their favorite snacks, No not Snikkidy because your kids will NEVER eat that, but BOOTY!!! They are so cute covered in cheese flakes while munching on Aunt Steph's Booty, I mean Pirate's Booty of course!!!
    Love you Twinks! :-)

  7. Love Love Love the photo of those two little ones snuggled in the swing!