Tuesday, November 9, 2010

errrrrrrr. rewind

I just realized that I haven't bragged about my twins Halloween costumes???

What the what?

That is so unlike me???

So, long story short my mom convinced me we could make the twins costumes.
I like to think I'm crafty but I know my limits.

This was absolutely exceeding my ability.

"Mom, seriously, this is too much and they aren't going to look like fools their first Halloween"
I sassed.
"What are you talking about? It will be easy."
Mom said.

I mean.....
I have taken A sewing class.....

With mom's help, we did it.

we did it quite fabulously I might add.

I know we had exceptional subjects but I mean come on, these bad boys far exceeded my expectations.

The bone on big boy's costume was an actual dog bone and defintely came through in the clutch when he got fussy.
He could chew on it was not able to destroy it.

We went to my sisters house.

Our family was bigger and better this year.

It's only going to get bigger

and better

yes, my husband did shave the top half (of what was left of his hair),and
a moustache and "soul patch" for his Halloween costume for the party we went to the night before.

***yes, he refused to shave it on real Halloween***

***yes, I told him he would RUIN the fam's first Halloween pics.

***no, he didn't care.

***yes, he thought it would be funny to keep it.


So cheers.

Here's to more candy.

And more butterflies.

and sweeter dreams in new scary pj's.

I love these kids.


  1. Thanks for the laugh Matt! Extra Amy bacon next time at the condo!!!!


  2. I love this post!!
    What was Matt's Halloween costume??

  3. please post the adult halloween pics too! I must see Matt's full getup!

  4. Ohhhh Amy! He is really going to like that! It was a year this 4th of July since Matt's life changed because of Amy bacon and I still am no where near mastering it. Ugh.

    Steph and Ash - I will do a teeny tiny post about it because people keep asking me.