Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm alive

I hope you missed me.

You know how it goes.
Nothing is ever as it seems.
My husband says it's all about expectations. I had high ones for Thanksgiving.
You know how it goes.
I was so proud of myself for planning Thanksgiving breakfast on Wednesday.
Not only did I plan it, I had it put together and ready to pop in the oven.
Wednesday, people.
I made it.
I don't do that.
I'm a procrastinator.

I had a vision of
waking up
it being chilly enough for the windows to be open
and Matt and me sipping coffee watching our delicious children frolic about lovingly.

Matt doesn't even drink coffee
and it was hot.
And out twins were trampling each other and crying.
A lot and often.

I busted out the hashbrown casserole I had made Wednesday.
It was black.

Who knew potatoes would go bad unless you soak them in salt water.
Lesson learned for next year.

We did get a little crafty.
I wanted the twins hand prints to frame to make into turkeys.

We kinda got the prints but I didn't get a chance to add the other colors to make them even mildly resemble turkeys.

Colton dove in head first.

And Chlo was showing off her new trick to daddy. Please disregard the snot pouring out of her nose.

After our mini craft session I got to work on the pies and pecan tarts.
So yummy.

My sis got in town and got to get some sugar from the twinnies.

The table got set.

I couldn't find any napkin rings I liked so I made these.

I like.

This one was mine......they were little baby corn twins. : )

The turkey got smoked. What you know about the Big Green Egg? Mmmmmmmm.

The troops piled in.

Of course Daddy was checking Fantasy.

Chloe had tea with her cousin.

And she loved it.

There was singing.

And my nephew!!!!!

And food.

 Lots of food.

And this is when it started. Mama got sick. And dude, I mean sick. I didn't eat much of anything for Thanksgiving dinner. But my Bubba did.

So I had one last cup of tea with my baby G and headed off to bed.

Where I stayed.
Until Monday.
And I only got out of bed Monday because I didn't have a choice.
Thank Jesus for my mom and husband.
Without them my kids would have been hanging from the chandalier because I was down for the count.

The good news is I am back and feeling better. And, I have most definitely eaten enough leftovers to make me feel like I didn't miss out too much on Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Glad you are back. Love the table setting and the turkey pics - so cute. xo

  2. Loved it and our very extended family! Lots of love here!!!