Monday, December 20, 2010

twas the week before Christmas

I'd love to tell you the reason I haven't posted in a week is because we have been cuddled up around the fire with fish bowls of red wine watching twinkling Christmas lights while Christmas cookies were baking but that's just not the case.

We've been sick, man.

First Matty
Then Bubba
Then me.

I've been slingin' babes on my hips trying to keep them happy.

Sweet baby girl put up a convincing fight but she finally succumbed to the cough Saturday night and from there

But, don't let her glassy eyes and leaky nose fool you though, she feels good enough to shake what her mama gave her. It makes me keel over with laughter everytime she does it. Thank goodness she got her mama's sweet dance moves.

I love it.

We've been laying low over here enjoying the freezing cold temps and talking about getting ready for Christmas.

Tree? Check.
We waited for a chilly night
Put the kids in cozy clothes and set out for the perfect tree.

Matty is awfully picky when it comes to trees so it took a while but there is the winner winner chicken dinner.

I'll get a picture of her all jazzed up soon.

Honestly, the tree is the only thing that gets a check.
I have lots of unchecked items that somehow need to get checked.
I haven't started shopping yet.
I usually do all my shopping on Christmas Eve or the day before.
I know that's not a good idea this year however, I haven't done anything about it......yet.

Maybe tomorrow?

I know this post is kinda boo.....I'll try to get it together asap.


  1. lol, Chloe does have some sweet dance moves! I can't wait to see that in stinkin cute:)

  2. She is her Mama's girl!