Wednesday, October 12, 2011


two months ago you were born.
to the minute.
i hit publish at 9:09.
i was holding you then. and i'm holding you now.
on my lap. as i type.

i titled this post "perfect".
this is the first word that comes to my mind when i think of you and your sweet face.
it's so typical, the word perfect.

this is you a few hours ago. on your two month birthday.

i googled "perfect synonyms" because it felt so meh.
i never use a thesaurus because i like the fact that when i write, it is a constant stream of consciousness.
it's how i feel
at the exact moment my fingers hit the keys.
rarely do i go back and change what i've written.
but you deserve something more than meh.
splendid almost won because it is prettier.
but it seemed too showy.
and it didn't pack the same punch as perfect. it's simple. it's just, well, a perfect word to describe you.

you are two months old today.
it seems like i was in the hospital waiting to meet you yesterday.
but, at the same time, i feel like we have gotten so close that it seems like you have been a piece of my heart for so long.

you sleep. you sleep so well.
you haven't made me tired one time.
but in all honesty, after the twins first year i don't think it would be possible to make me tired.
you poop once a week. on tuesdays (it's ok, i have talked to the dr.)
on monday you are kind of fussy but, i understand. it's because you need to poop.

you smile at me like i am the only person in your life and you steal another piece of my heart every single time.
you hear my voice and you flap your little wings and kick your little legs.

you make the cutest little sucking face while you are sleeping even though there is nothing in your mouth.

daddy loves your feet.
he can't get enough of your feet.
he called you amazing the other day.
for daddy, that's a big deal.
i tell you that every hour.
i hope you don't feel like it's inauthentic.

you tolerate the twins and you crack them up when you smile at them.
your brother is so in love with you.
he brings you blankees all the time.
it's precious.
your sister brings you pacys but mostly so she can take them back.
the first thing the twins do every morning is run around the house and say baby? baby! baby?
before you born they used to call for dada.
you replaced the morning "dada".
that's a big deal.

we forget about you.
you're so good we forget about you.
i did it the other day.
but when i remembered you, you were as happy as a clam.

you like classical music like your mama.
you relax when it comes on.

you fight your sleep like it is no ones business.
dada gets scared.
it does look kind of crazy.

i really can't think of one thing i would change about you.
you really couldn't be more perfect.

it has been two months and the jury is in.
we've decided we're going to keep you sweet stella.
you've become my favorite child.
i kid.

kind of.


  1. Love! You always said she would be your favorite. ;) Love ALL of the Strattons! Happy 2 months sweet Stella!

  2. Kelly Quillin WilsonOctober 12, 2011 at 10:38 PM

    Marissa, I never miss a post. I struggle with my kids, 4 and 6, being 2 1/2 years apart. You are amazing!
    P.S. Love Stella's leggings:)