Sunday, October 23, 2011

it takes a village

they say it takes a village

but i'm here to tell you,
what you need are sister wives.

if you have two smokin' hot sister wives?


5 kids with sister wives?
piece of cake.

wait, what?
that is so not true.

one of them could throw out their back.....
it happened.
before she even got upstairs.
poor v.

have you ever traveled with five children under two?

without significant others?

if you have, you know you should to do it with the bestest of friends.

the kind of friends who pick up your child before you even realize there is a problem.
like when they are waist deep in the ocean instead of neck deep.

i hit the beach to my dad's condo

with two of my
girls .

i just spent fifteen minutes looking for a picture of the three of us......i don't think it exists.
how sad is that?

we're best friends.
she has a piece of my heart. she always will.
our daughters have the same middle name.
chloe james
ruby james.

they're going to be best friends, too

told you.

hopefully my sweet boy will want a role in ru's life, too.
by me?
is fine.
marry her!

so lucky to have her.
she's a keeper.

our kids?
they're kinda bffs.
and here is v making them eggies.
yup, she's so presh that she calls them eggies instead of just eggs.

we decided to go on a girls getaway.
it kinda was.
i had visions of frozen cocktails complete with frilly pink umbrellas.
sounds fancy, huh? a girls trip to the beach?
late nights on the balcony listening to waves.
waking up to salt on the windows.

let's be honest
you know there ain't nothin' fancy goin' on when you're traveling with 5 kids under two.

we had wine.

one glass ended up on the carpet.
from a kid, not us.
don't worry dad,
carey is a machine and had that thing spic and span before i even realized there was a problem.
best friends do that.

but the rest of the trip was a hot mess.
a fun mess
but a hot mess.

we hit the beach.

jameson almost drowned.
like, 6,296 times.
chloe threw sand at the babies repeatedly.
colton taught ruby how to eat sand.

and stella?
you guessed it.
she was perfect.

thank goodness v brought enough juice boxes to keep an entire elementary school hydrated.

the twins had so much juice that they asked for it for three days straight once we got home.
matt was thrilled.
but, juice made the pacifier so 2010.
it worked, so we went with it.

i don't think we finished one conversation the entire weekend.
i realized this on my way home as i was laughing recalling all the loose ends that never got tied up.

naps went awry.
halloween cookies and goldfish stopped meltdowns in their tracks.
we all came home sore like we had gotten hit by a truck.
and i wouldn't have had it any other way.

we'll go back soon.
it will just be without kids.

and p.s., i totally support polygamy now.

i love my sister wives.

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