Thursday, October 13, 2011


i love me some katie alberts.
she is my cousin.
she is adorable.
she is the elle woods of 2011.
except she is a whole lot better.
she is going to do things.
just wait.

after receiving her undergrad at duke,
she decided to
get her masters at g.dub in wa.
i know what you're thinking.


after that,
she decided to go to law school, at tulane, in new orleans,
part of me thinks she did that because she knew i would visit her.

the other part of me knows she did that because it was best for her.
i like to think the foremost is true.

she always comes to see us.

loves it.

her mama,
debbie, also my cousin,
brought the twins a few of her favorite books.
she knows the way to their hearts.

for the record,
chester the horse was not one of the books.

after debbie read to the babes, we decided to play.
everything was great.

until chloe threw a block at katie.
in the face.
she went to time out.
she had to apologize to katie before she came out,

after her fourth time
in time out
for not apologizing

she apologized.


thank goodness katie is a super strong woman
who can appreciate
a super strong little girl.

how adorable is katie the in her pencil skirt and polo poplin?

sweet stella,
you were there.
you were just busy being perfect.

the only thing that would have made it better?
if jilly and pippa were there.

next time

right, girls?

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  1. IT'S JILLY!! I would LOVE TO COME VISIT! Your kids are adorable and Katie is obsessed with them :) Pippy and I are becoming obsessed, too! I definitely see some Tampa time in my future!