Tuesday, October 11, 2011

little. miss. sassy. pants.

ohhhh chloe james.
what are we going to do with you?

you are a woman that knows what she wants.
you are so independent.
i feel like you could raise me.

you are something fierce, girl.

you are stubborn.
and you do things when you want.
and only when you want.

i feel like you could be summed up like this:
"it's my world.
you're lucky i share the air.
frankly, you are lucky to be a part of it.
if you don't want to?
that's fine with me.
but please move, i've got things to do."

i tell you not to throw your food?
you throw your fork.

i tell you not to stand on the cable box? (don't ask.....we kind of took a break mid renovation)
you hover your sweet little booty two inches over it.

and you smirk while you are doing it.

the other day i gave you a warning to stop screaming because i didn't want you to wake the baby.
what did you do?
stood on the couch to get closer to the baby,
leaned your head into her cage. yeah, i said cage,
and screamed long enough for me to run from the other room, scoop you up and take you to time out.
and you proceeded to scream the whole time you were in time out.
when i got you out of time out, i asked you if you understood why you where there, you said no.
when i asked you to apologize, you said no.

you went back in to time out.
and screamed the whole time.
it's over the top.
i mean, really, you need to regroup.

pretty much the majority of our encounters are like this:

oh, and don't worry, as soon as i stopped videoing she put it back up.

and i'm sick, i don't usually sound this much like a man.
or maybe i do?

the problem is, you crack me up. because you are really funny, too.
i just don't know where this little attitude is coming from?

so please know that as soon as you sass out, i turn away and laugh.
and then get scared.
because i think it will get worse.
and we've got a long way to go.

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  1. Lol. That sounds like the stories my family tells me about how I was as a kid. Too funny. Sounds like the same exact story!