Tuesday, September 6, 2011


a quick high five.


let's do this.

we did it.
and the only tears were from me.
at least i think.

i feel like i heard colton crying
and by the way his teacher was guarding the door when i returned with their sippy cups that i had forgotten, it was kind of confirmed.
but i stayed strong and just left.
and felt bad for just leaving all afternoon.

my tears were only because they ran from me to the toys the second we got there.
and i made the mistake of asking for goodbyes and kisses at the exact moment the teacher asked them if they wanted snacks.

they had chloe at cracker.
and i became crumbs.
and sobbed on the phone with my husband the whole four minutes it took me to get home.


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  1. James Anderson So I came across your blog while trying to study for a biochem test and well needless to say it was far more interesting and comical than entropy reactions lol thanks for the study break and hope everythings well
    Tuesday at 7:18pm

    Marissa Pantaleo Stratton hahahaha. i'll take that as a compliment. although, i better be more entertaining than whatever german you speak of ; )
    Tuesday at 7:27pm

    Jen Snodgrass Those kids are sooo stinkin cute!! I ♥ them
    Tuesday at 7:33pm ·

    Kathleen Rodriguez I was wondering how YOU did today.
    Tuesday at 8:26pm

    Faydra Stratton how long are they there for - is it every day?
    Tuesday at 8:48pm

    Marissa Pantaleo Stratton They can go whenever between 8:15 and 4. They just have to go a minimum of 15 hours a month each and anything on top of that we pay hourly. It's kind of like a built in babysitter : )
    Tuesday at 8:51pm

    Faydra Stratton that's a fun system - what's your ideal schedule for them then?
    Tuesday at 8:52pm ·

    Marissa Pantaleo Stratton I think we are going to do Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30-11:30......that's if I can get out of the house by 9:30. The twins wake up at 8:30 so to get them dressed and fed and out of the house in an hour is unlikely. Yeah, probably more like 10-11:30 : )
    Tuesday at 8:55pm ·

    Jaimie Kachele White How did you get such cute pics? So adorable!
    Tuesday at 9:50pm ·

    Heather Atchley Hodge Be glad that they ran to the toys, Wyatt cried again today at drop-off. Luckily the moms coming in after me told me he is already fine when they drop theirs, but how heartbreaking. I just remind myself that this is really good for both of us and he is loving it! Enjoy the time with little Stella :)
    Tuesday at 9:57pm · LikeUnlike.

    Marissa Pantaleo Stratton Jaimie - I'm not really sure.....I said give Bubba a high five. Since they both call each other Bubba they turned and gave a high five....and then ran off to open the door : )
    Tuesday at 10:03pm · LikeUnlike.

    Debra Alberts I absolutely LOVE your blog....makes me smile every time :)
    Tuesday at 11:01pm · LikeUnlike.

    Amanda Bateman Greer Cutest. Ever.