Friday, September 16, 2011

mac n cheese

my twins are like
mac n cheese
wings and bleu cheese. when you spell bleu bleu instead of blue does it make you fancier? that's why i do it.
i'm fancy.

my point is, they just go together.

the twins are being separated tonight.
like, all night.

chloe is going to her first slumber party at her aunt lora's
where she will hang with her best friend/cousin emma.
who the twins refer to as memma.

the twins have never slept apart.
in fact, they have only been separated 12 times.
and the longest time was 5 hours when i was at after hours peds when colton had rsv.

is that weird?

when one wakes up before the other they just wander around aimlessly saying

bubba. bubba.

i asked the teacher at school today if they play with the other or stick together.
she said they do their own thing but constantly look to make sure the other one is still there.

that is my observation, too.
which makes me happy.
i want them to fly solo but i also want them to want each other.

so tonight chloe is going to be in a fantasy land.
aunt lora said she is pulling out all the stops.
late bed times.
no schedule
and all things girly.

live it up, girlfriend.

so basically this is a pretty boring post for documentation purposes.

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