Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Tonight Matt and I were debating where to put the baby while I made dinner and he put the twins in their high chairs.
Matt suggested on the floor in the bouncy seat.
After I gave him a look of insanity he said

"What? The twins know now to be gentle with the baby".


I went to the laundry room and knew something was really wrong when

A: I heard Stella really crying.
    She has only cried 2 times.
    Once when Colton kicked her in the head
    and once when Chloe poked her in the eye.

B: I had to yell at least four times "what happened" before I got an answer.

What had happened was......

I can actually show you.
Big Baby and Chloe were kind enough to reenact the scene.

Big Baby got the name Big Baby by my niece, Emma, for rather obvious reasons.
She's huge.

Yes, Matt actually found the bouncy seat like this
yes, my three week old daughter was in it.
yes, we think Chloe was the culprit being that she did it over and over again after we so kindly removed Stella.
Glad it didn't happen on my watch.

On a happier note, upon picking the kids up from school today I heard a little girl scream right after Colton walked in the classroom. He and two little girls were the only ones in the room so I was positive he had hit or pushed her. I reluctantly peeked my head in the room and saw the little girl screaming face down on the floor.

I even more reluctantly asked if he did it.

His teacher, shocked, looked at his other teacher and said "Colton?" "The twins?"

No way! We have been saying all day how well behaved the twins are! They are so easy going!

Got 'em!

At least for another week or so......

And while we're confessing,
Sometimes I pretend I am still nursing the baby even when I have been done for five minutes just to get out of taking care of the twins.
True story.

Sorry, Matt


  1. Better put the cage back up...

  2. Chloe is a little beast baby!

  3. Do I need to come get Stella until she's of fight-back age? The worst that will happen to her at my house is that Blue might pee on her.