Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My kid's a junkie

His drug of choice?
His pacy.
Which he calls "acy"
And he asks for it 6,248 times a day.

We are trying to break him of the habit.
I use that term loosely.
Ever since the third one arrived, we became lazy.
And we realized how much quicker and easier it is to just shove it in his mouth.
Prior to that, we were using it only when he slept.

So, we're back on track.

And apparently he's down to improvise.
Tonight he picked up a cd,
put his finger through it,
and said "acy"
and proceeded to run around sucking his finger.


Any "acy" breaking suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. that is hilarious! your kids crack me up!

    i read somewhere (i want to say baby wise II) that if you puncture the nipple part (like with a needle) it looses the vacuum and the vacuum and then it is not pleasant to suck on any more and they will wean themselves.

    i'm dreading breaking the paci habbit- my kid's an addict too! and i've gotten lazy with this move. she has it in her mouth around the clock this week!