Monday, September 19, 2011

i'm sorry, florida

i curse you.
a lot.
i am simply not a fan of your heat.

especially this time of year.
especially reading everyone's status updates about cider and apples and fall and such.

i am constantly reminded that we will go from

to fall

and back to summer sometime in march.

i say if it weren't for my family i wouldn't live here.

for almost a month now,

i have packed up
and headed out.
three kids in tow.
and said out loud
"this is probably our last time in the water".

it's cooling off around here.
and when i say cooling off, i mean it's 101.2 instead of 103.5.

that slight dip in temperature makes a big difference to my florida babies as they frolic in the water.

you haven't let me down.

so florida,
here's to you.

i'm calling a truce.
in fact,
i apologize.
i'm going to stay.
and i'm going to like it.

just give me a taste of fall.
and a few days with ice during "winter".

as for now,
we'll continue to drink up your sunshine in our flip flops.

and we'll continue to keep our suits in the car.

and when we get too hot?

we'll strip down

and cool off in the water.

we'll soak up the shade your palm trees provide.

 and we will continue to marvel at your bright blue skies.
until eight o' clock.

we'll continue to cool off with white instead of warming up with red.

and in your honor, florida we'll hop on your team and keep summer alive.

sorry, mom.

his hair is still on the back porch if you want it.

now if you'll excuse me, i am going to turn the air down. and eat the beef stew that has been crocking for eight hours.

true story.


  1. I am happy though, that you're loving your state and have decided to stay. I'll bring your homemade ice cream tomorrow to help you chill! Love you still!!

  2. Where is this? I also live in Florida.