Monday, January 31, 2011

10 months

You are both ridiculously edible and I feel like if I took a bite out of you I would go into sugar shock.
And you keep getting sweeter.

I feel like you are both real people now.
You do real people things.
You laugh.
You tease.
You pout.
But you do them like real people,
not babies.

You look at me when I say no.
You smirk.
You do it anyway.

Phrases you both mostly Colton hear hourly:
No, we don't lick the toilet (I'm serious).
No, the curtains aren't strong enough to hold you.
No, we do not hit
No Colton, Chloe is playing with that.
No Chloe, we don't lick the floor.
Hurry up and eat the food you threw on the floor, it's time to go night night.
No, don't touch, that diaper is dirty.
No, we don't eat wipes........
I've totally given into this one.
Now I give them a wipe to snack on every time I change them
Bad mom.

You both still love to eat.
Colton does not like pineapple and blueberries.
Chloe likes every.single.thing that has ever been put in her mouth.
Chloe still says mmmmmmm
Sometimes for 30 minutes straight.
I need to get that on video.

Obviously you both like pasketti, you're Italian.

You both love to dance and every time music comes on you shake that thang.
It's the cutest.thing.I've.ever.seen.
All we have to do is say
Go Chloe go.
Go Bubba go.
And you both start bouncing up and down and bobbing your heads.
You both have mad rhythm.
You definitely got it from me.

Bubba has six teeth, four on top and two on bottom.
Chloe has four, two on bottom and two of her vampire teeth on top. It looks interesting. Thank goodness one of those top front teeth looks like it's getting ready to make its debut!

My Bubba boy is walking more and more every day and Chloe took her first two steps yesterday.

Colton still beats up Chloe on the reg and unfortunately, she usually just takes it.
I'm thinking about enrolling her in some type of baby martial arts since it's only getting worse.

He steals from her all the time and typically when he gets the booty he just puts it down and crawls away with a satisfied look on his face.

Exhibit A:
He didn't even want it.
Who does that?

You both say
and buh bye.
Bubba has also added an occasional "uh oh" and Chloe sometimes says "yeah" when you call her name.
We were in Target today and Colton dropped something and said uh oh.
I feel like we don't even say un oh that much.
He must just be a genius.

Nap and bed time typically looks like this for the first 20 minutes:

You now love to play with each other and I love listening to you make each other laugh.
Nothing sweeter.
You "chase" each other. Who ever is in the front will stop suddenly, turn around and the one in the back will start cracking up in turn, making the front one crack up.
Repeat and this will entertain you both for like 34 seconds.

Speaking of entertaining, this is your favorite pastime these days.

Now I know it would be a good idea to put locks on the drawers but that would just make too much sense.
Also, this buys me at least 14 minutes of quiet
subtract the 4 minutes it takes me to clean it all up and I'm still ahead 10 minutes.
Ya feel me?

In addition to emptying every drawer and cabinet you like to play in the toilet, the trash and eat shoes.
You both are also obsessed with eating wipes just like your cousin Emma.

You both love to play animals. Well, Colton loves knocking them down, Chloe loves picking them up, showing them to me and letting me tell her which one is which.

For as rough as the Bubba is he is also a softie. He loves kisses and will just crawl up to you and lay one on you, his sister included.

Everyone told me it would get easier at 3 months, 5 months, 6 months.
They're all liars.
I must's finally easy easier.
I may be seeing a faint light but the end of the tunnel is no where in sight.
I cannot believe I will have three of you in six months.
Oye vey.

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