Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ketchup Wednesday

You know how you know you need to do something
but you know you should have done it weeks ago
it's just easier to not do it?

That's where I am with this blog. My dad has told me on occasion that I like to put my head in the sand.

My head is in the sand peeps.

The twinnies have literally been sick off and on since you guys think I use the word literally too much? I think I do but sometimes I feel like I need that extra punch?
Who knows.
Anyway, this week I am finally seeing the kids I used to know surface.
Thank goodness.
They have a little extra snot freely flowing out of their little noses which you will see in plenty of the pics but they are back.

Being that I am the memory keeper in this here house, I know my head must come out of the sand. I must rejoin you above ground and bring you up to speed with my controlled chaos.

Are you guys ready to meet our new little peanut????

My lovely readers,
my lovely readers.

Did you see that booty?

I feel great and am turning the corner from hit by a mack truck exhausted
to just plain exhausted
which is nice.

Two days after our appointment, the twins turned 10 months.
10 months people.
I just don't get how this time stuff works??
I hope to get their 10 month post done before they are 11 months. Sound good?

Wanna see how cute they are at 10 months?
It's your lucky day.
I have some pics.

Auntie Jessy came into town

And taught them their best trick yet.


They now do it on command.

It still needed some work when these pics were taken
as a former cheerleader I can attest, they have pretty much perfected there form as of late.

ANNNNND the twins are up.
I guess that's all for today.

Please note, I will keep my head out of the sand and get back on track.



  1. You made my morning! Bana misses spending time with her babies!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion for crayon removal... you're not far behind me,sister - so remember your good advice. I will keep you updated!