Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nursing my holiday hangover

I realize we are almost half way through January and I have yet to post anything regarding the holidays.
But like after a long night of drinking sometimes you just need some time to sleep it off.
I've slept off my holiday hangover and now it feels like Christmas was a year ago so it's time to post.

We had great intentions of getting a pic with Santa but it just wasn't in the cards, man.
The kids were sick but we sucked it up, got them dressed (minus Chloe's tights which were no where to be found) and braved the mall two days before Christmas.

I thought we timed it perfectly, Santa went to lunch at 1 so we got there at 12:32.....they cut the line off at 12:30.
The good news was that we were free to wait in the line that had already started forming for when he got back from lunch at 2.....ummm, what?
No thanks.

So, we ate some lunch and headed home where the noses continued to run like faucets.

Here is what the twinks would have looked like in their picture with Santa.

Imagine Chlo with tights......P.S. I found them the other day.

I have resorted to bribing them with food so they sit still for 14 seconds. Forget smiling, I gave up on that 3 months ago.

In other adorable news both twins were mildly obsessed with the tree. Actually, Chloe was beyond obsessed and Colton typically managed to keep his cool.

In an effort to feed her fix Dada and Chlo would have a little tree QT every night before bed.

How presh is that?

On Christmas Eve my fam came over for din din and gifts.
The twins had veal for the first time and fell in love.
They actually went on a meat strike for a few days after Christmas because I had the audacity to feed them chicken.
How dare I!

Waiting for 4th helpings.

That is one happy girl.

Yup, my mom is creative like that.

We moved on to the gifts and since I was kind enough to get rid of the mantle for Matty's new TV, my grandpa was kind enough to bring stockings and improvise.

Bubba checking out Emma's new whip.

Sweet girls.

This is also the night we told my family I was knocked up.
We signed Emma's present "love, Colton, Chloe and Baby #3" and had my sis read the card to her.

She couldn't breathe : )

We gave my dad and step mom ANOTHER Christmas card except we added Baby #3 after our names.
My dad asked Janet to read it and here she is looking confused and annoyed because she had clearly seen the card 14 times. She didn't understand why my dad kept insisting she read it.

She moved her thumb which just so happened to be covering the "addition"
And booya.

I think she was surprised.

***The mallet got confiscated yesterday. Colton clocked Chloe in the temple so hard he left a bruise.*** this post as long as it feels?
I'm sorry.

How about we leave this to be continued for Christmas Day and Christmas with my in-laws?

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  1. OH MY GOSH. Nicky Poo's expression is such a Nicky Poo look, I LOVE IT!

    Great post as always....