Tuesday, February 8, 2011

not to be greedy or anything

i need the following

a no leak sippy cup that does just that
someone to clean my rug and couch that now smells like stale milk
baby ambien
a massage
rotisserie chicken sald from fresh market with sliced green olives added
for this tooth to come in so my baby to sleeps at night and at least once during the day
a shower that is long enough to shave my legs
a nap
strength to make it through this day without swearing
45 minutes to finish painting the bathroom
whole foods to deliver
new episodes of yo gabba gabba on my dvr
to stop complaining

it's rough around here.


  1. You also need for your Grandma to get better, get home so we can all pitch in and help each other. You're one tough cookie and I have no doubt that you can do it!!
    ❤ Gerber
    ❤ Call Stanley Steamer for their $99 special!
    ❤ Can't help with the baby Ambien
    ❤ Massage can be scheduled any time - part of your Christmas gift, remember? (+ I could really use the babysitting time to regroup away from my nemesis - UCH!)
    ❤ I can drop off Chicken Salad on my way back to the hospital
    ❤ Can't help with the tooth but, maybe ibuprofen might ease the pain
    ❤ While the babes are gone this evening, shower, shave and nap
    ❤ You're allowed to occasionally swear (just not in front of the twinks!)
    ❤ Painting - ask your sister and brother-in-law for help
    ❤ If you had Whole Foods deliver where would your field trips be to??
    ❤ Do they make DVD's? I'll check.
    ❤ You always have a sympathetic ear with your Mama!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha! This made me laugh.....p.s. I have the Gerber ones like Emma's and they leak! Maybe Emma doesn't swing them around her head like a helicopter like the twins.

  3. "around her head like a helicopter"

    i like your babies.

  4. Sweetie, they aren't talking well enough for you to give up swearing yet! Enjoy it while you this age if they repeat it you can always make it into another more appropriate word. :)

    I love your blog, keep it up. You are so creative and funny.

    And your mommy's comments rock!

  5. Who is anonymous??? Thank you, you're so sweet ; )

  6. And don't forget about Gran and Papa, we are always just a phone call and 10 mins away.
    Love you 5 very much.