Thursday, February 10, 2011

serious for a sec

i know i joke around a lot about how i have found my kid sucking on plug in scented wallflowers.
or how i let them eat off the floor.

i'm going to be serious for a sec.

we have done/are doing tons of renovations in this house.

i was mudding and sanding a hole from the light fixture in the bathroom yesterday while the twins ate.

there wasn't a lot of light so i opened the blinds that stay closed 100% of the time.
it's the bathroom, remember?

after lunch i heard a cry
a "chloe took something from me or i'm annoyed that something is not going my way cry"
one i typically ignore.
for some reason i didn't.

i walked in the bathroom and the cord was wrapped around my sons neck.
his face was red.
i started hysterically crying.
it was so tight that i couldn't get my fingers in between the cord and his neck.
it was so tight that i am constantly reminded today how close my son came to dying because he still has a red ring around his neck.
i found the end and worked my way around his neck removing it as fast as i could.
it was wrapped twice.
it happened in seconds.
seconds people.

i got it off
i held him
both of us crying.
in a matter of minutes
he could have been dead.

he threw up on my shoulder.

it was by far the single most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me in my life.
i could have lost my son yeasterday.

it was one of those things you hear on the news and think
how does that stuff even happen?

i know it does
i know how easily it can.

everytime i walk in the bathroom, i see my sweet baby with cords around his neck crying and reaching for me.

the blinds have already been removed and i went and bought cordless ones.

i write this to
urge you
beg you
go through your house.
when you think it is baby-proofed
go through and baby-proof 10 more times.
i know i have.


  1. :( marissa- how terrifying. i am in tears for you right now. i know the feeling of thinking you could have lost your sweet baby- jenna fell into a pool when she was 3 (and couldn't swim), i was 5 feet away and had my back turned for a second- i never heard her fall in- they always say that, and it's true- i was inches from her and heard nothing. she slipped in silently. another adult started screaming and i instantly knew before i even turned around what had happened. i dove in completely dressed to fish her out. she was in the water maybe 10 seconds, but it was the scariest 10 seconds of my life. i am so glad he is ok. thanks for the reminder- we have to keep such a close watch on our precious babes. love you.

  2. oh my goodness.....poor Jenna and poor Mamma!!! It is so terrifying. xoxoxo and congratulations to Jenna and her green stripe!

  3. marissa,
    this (nearly) exact situation happened to me when caedmon was 3. i just had laid all 3 kids down and was exhausted myself so decided to go take a nap. i plopped down on my bed and for whatever reason, something urged me to go check on caedmon (which normally, i would have just brushed the feeling aside). so, i got up and casually walked into his room, where i found him hanging by the cord of the blinds. he was trying to scream but nothing was coming out because the cord was wrapped so tight. and he was about a foot off of the ground. my mama instincts kicked in and i pulled so hard that i ripped the cord off from around his neck. then, i just sat there and cried with him. one of the scariest moments of my life. seriously.

    he also had a gigantic red cut/mark around his neck for the next 2 weeks or so. i had to let his teachers know what happened so they didn't think i abused him.
    ugh, that moment when you think your life is changing drastically is such a scary moment.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Love you. Shared, since it needs to be. Prevention.


  5. Emily-

    I cry every time I think about ugly, hiccupy, snotty cry. I am SO glad Caedmon was ok too. Colton was on the floor so I can't imagine him hanging. You poor, poor baby. Thank GOD he is ok.

  6. i'm snotty nosed right now. so sorry you experienced this and so happy everything is ok, and i feel like you have just given an "oprah type awareness" and have saved at least one sweet babe. i want to squeeze you. xo

  7. i love you v. and i miss you too.