Monday, February 14, 2011

heart day

ok. so we didn't make it the whole year gluten free. we ran out of pancake mix and how do you deprive your children of heart shaped pancakes on Valentines Day? you don't, so i didn't. and, the real thing didn't disappoint.

this is the last year this girl will ever spend Valentines Day day naked! But seriously, how edible is that booty?

We had a spaghetti lunch and needed some a paper towel couldn't cut it so we hit the tub.

got dressed

and hit target for some lovey flair for dada.

these kids are sick again.....i know, i know. yes, they have been sick forever but hopefully it is on it's way out for good.

dada and i don't celebrate v day, we celebrate our engagement anniversary which is feb. 16th and we are getting pedicures and going to dinner tomorrow night.

for someone to rub my feet.

xoxo and hope you all get lots of love.


  1. happy engagement anniversary

  2. I found your blog via Spearmint Baby! I am in love because I have 10 month boy/girl twins and I'm obsessed with what is to come (via your pictures)!! We are also hoping for a third sooner than later. Can I ask where the inflatable bathtub came from and does it seem to have quite a bit of room? We aren't sitting yet (very premature) but I'd like to be able to bath them together! My email is Thanks!