Monday, March 5, 2012


I have had 726 days to prepare for this.
In 4 days my twins will be 730 days old.

That's 2 years old for you non math majors.

726 days wasn't enough.

They are little people now.
Their gummy smiles are long gone and their mouths are full of teeth.
Their indescribable baby soft skin has been replaced with scrapes and bruises.
Their baby bald heads are full of hair.
Their little baby fingers are now their greatest tools for exploration. Or mischief, rather.
And their ridiculously fast feet are a close second.
The baby babble that used to flee their mouths has quickly morphed into adult-like sentences.

I know sometimes I give them a bad wrap
they are my angel babies.
They are my heart.
They are my life.

At least their actual birthday is at 11:35 and 11:40 pm.
So they can be 1 all day Friday.

My stomach hurts knowing I am going to have to say they are 2 years old on Saturday.

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