Monday, March 26, 2012

life lately

hi guys.
that's the twins new fav. go to.
oh man, you should hear it!

i've missed you!
the twins broke my dc jack on my laptop. i didn't know what a dc jack was up until two weeks ago.
now i know.
and i know replacing it is something that is more expensive than i would like for it to be.

so, because i love you all so much, i told matt i had a lot of important business to tend to.
i said that i needed his computer.
i did that just so i could write to you.
i felt you missing me.
and take comfort in knowing that the feeling is mutual.

now i will attempt to quickly catch you up.
you know there will be nothing quick about that, don't you?

currently obsessed with:
big kids with real names:
colton and chloe have started calling each other by their actual names.
"ka-oh-ee" and 'koh-tin"
i die a little bit
"bubba" and "coco" are still lingering but they are fading right along with our "florida winter."

the girl twin calling for her bubba:
colton always falls asleep first.
as soon as he falls asleep, chloe yells at the top of her lungs....
"bubba, whea aww youuuu?!"

stella being a piggy:
if you say "stella, where's my piggy?"
she wrinkles her little nose and inhalesexhalesinhalesexhales.
i cried the first time she did it.
true story.
it's that cute.

the twins are cracking me up these days.
thank god they got my sense of humor.
the stuff that comes out of their mouths is redic and i invite all of you to come over and experience it first hand.
no really, i do.i'll run to publix while you're here. just real quick.

butt cheeks in big kid undies have officially replaced my obsession with babies in jammies.
there is nothing cuter than my twins in undies.

counting down:
right now we are at 17 days.
in 17 days i will be soaking up the sun in the bahamas.
with girls.
just girls.
deeeeep breath. can't wait.

watermelon pictures:
what is it that makes kids eating watermelon so adorable?
i don't even like watermelon but my kids do. and i have 4,642 pictures to prove it.
but i can't show you any.
because my computer is broken!

stella's smile:
i promise you.
no baby smiles as much as stella.
her smile is infectious. and contagious.
she can stop a twin dead in their meltdown tracks by simply smiling.
you can't not smile back.
sweet pea, stella, you are such a blessing.

chicken wings:
if you know me, you know they are my favorite food.
i keep it classy around here. raw oysters, wings, crab legs and an ice cold stella. that would be my last last meal.
however, things have escalated up in he-ya.
the good news? i have been opting for grilled chicky in hot sauce over a salad. i know! go me!
i have to be in a bathing suit.
in the bahamas.
i can't stop thinking about wings. i have had them twice in the past week and might have them again.

learned recently:
cleaning poop off a mattress is harder than i thought:
the twins lost sheet privileges months ago. they took their sheets off every nap/night so i decided they were done.
they sleep on bare mattresses.
yeah, i said it, bare mattresses.
not only can they not take their sheets off anymore. they also have more street cred while trying to be hood.
they can say things like "yo, i didn't even have sheets growing up."
and they will be telling the truth.
that is until today, when colton took his clothes off and pooped for the 5,742nd time.
i learned taking a sheet off and washing it, is a lot easier than sanitizing and cleaning a mattress.
tonight? they are no longer hood. sheets are back.

laundry is doable:
i bought 100 hangers at ikea yesterday. laundry is far more manageable when you have enough hangers for your kids clothes.

genius hanger find:
i learned that those cute little pink and blue hangers for babies are only cute in theory.
they out grow them quickly.
ikea childrens hangers are where it's at.
especially if you have ocd and boy/girl twins.
you see, prior to my genius ikea find, i had to hang all of coco's clothes on pink and all of bubba's clothes on blue.
if i ran out of pink for coco? i set the clothes aside.
her clothes had to be on pink. and his on blue.
now, with the ikea hangers, anything goes.
they're multi-color! multi-color i tell you!
now? i just hang away.

i learned i officially need to win the lottery.

i learned that letting the twins buckle themselves in their car seats adds about 7 minutes to every trip we take. one way, that is. 14 minutes round trip
that said, hearing them both exclaim "i deee it!" is worth approximately 1,2 million dollars.
the way i see it is, if i can make 1.2 mil for 7 minutes of wasting time?
i end up ahead.
every time i start the car, i have a smile on my face.

i've learned i don't care to live in it. i continue to buy the twins clothes that are too small in hopes that it keeps them little.
it doesn't.
i'm not done trying, though.

i have so much more to tell you people. so i should just stop now. i get my computer back tomorrow so it's back to business.



  1. 1. You were right, I was wondering...I even semi-FB stalked you to see if I missed a post.
    2. I wish you had your comp, because I was just thinking about hangers and instead of seeing the ikea hangers in your picture, I now have to go to the website. :)

  2. i am literally lol'ing right now. you are prob one of the funniest people i don't actually know, but feel like i do. the sheets thing is beyond hysterical. and if i lived in florida i would come over for a bit for you to run to the store. i have missed your posts and am glad you are back. kids butts in undies is presh. also, i am pretty jealous of your trip! hope you have a great time.