Thursday, March 8, 2012

i two, too

two years ago i was in the doctors office hoping i was at least two centimeters dilated.
i wasn't.

i was thirty eight weeks and two days.
i would have to wait one more day to meet you. and to hold you. and to feel you. and to smell you.

two babies were in my belly and i was beyond ready to meet them.

two babies
divided my one heart
and those two babies stole it to have and to hold forever.

i have spent the last two years waching the two of you in amazement.

in thirty two hours, you will both be two.

you will never, ever know what you have done to me.
you bring me such raw and pure joy. you give me purpose. it is such a pleasure to love you.
and an honor to parent you.
even when you are up to no good.

we currently have the following conversations daily:
colton: "i havin a mickey party." chloe: "anna minnie party, too."
one twin: "inna snack." other twin: "inna snack, too."
one twin: "i luh you, mommy." one twin: "mommy, i luh you, too."

the two of you have such alluring spirits. you bring people in. you captivate them. and i love to watch you work your magic.

there are too many things i love about both of you for me to list here.

just know that i will love you. and i will support you forever. and there is nothing you could do to change that.

it is mind blowing to me how being blessed with life's
miracle can make you feel so

being your mother is humbling.
it's beautiful
it's challenging.
it's the greatest thing i will ever know.
and i want to thank you for letting me be yours.


  1. I'm sitting at my desk, pumping my boobs, and crying at your blog. A site to behold.

  2. As usual, another great one.

  3. and your babies are blessed TO have you as a mom!

  4. I would say you are such a beautiful writer, and you are, but you write the truth. Those babies are so wonderful. It is also my honor to be their "Gran". Hey, what does Matthew have to say about all this. I know he's a man of few words so he would probably just say "ditto" to what you say.

  5. oh.....and cherish these TWO's.....blink and your babies will be TWENTY TWO (like mine in 2 weeks). Yikes!

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  7. A beautiful post. And happy birthday to your babies. :)

  8. Happy Birthday you two cuties! Hope you had a great day!

  9. Found you via Amy @ Buggy & Bean! I am a Central Florida mom blogger as well...and just missed the last litlte meet up! I am also a mom of 2 & half year old twins! I can't wait to read more about your sweet family!