Saturday, July 30, 2011

almost there

but not quite.
i will be 40 weeks monday.
today is saturday.

i have been eating like it is my last day.

kind of like

i might as well eat it since i might not be pregnant tomorrow.

guess what?
between you and me?

i know i'll be pregnant tomorrow
it's kind of like
every night i think........this could be my last chance to eat like a glutton.
which clearly is enough for me to justify the disgusting things i continue to put in my mouth.

among my favorites?
this bad boy.

the strawberry pillow.
i can't handle it.
i think about them non stop.

among my other favs this go round are
pie crust. no filling. just a little bit of the sugary cornstarch stuff and crust.
starbucks blueberry scones.
tijuana flats ice
cake. no frosting. just cake. actually, i freeze cake. and eat it frozen. it's devine.
peanut butter
french fries
and pretty much anything else you shouldn't eat on the reg.

i have gained 36 pounds.
3 of which came last week.
i got cocky.
i gained 1/2 of a pound over the past three weeks and clearly thought i could maintain that.

i'm not worried about it.
after baby i will get back to business.
i gained 63 pounds with the twins and it took 6 1/2 months to lose it so hopefully that "it's harder to lose weight the second time around" nonsense is

i mean a girl can dream, right?

now if you'll excuse me, i have a strawberry pillow to devour.

oh.....p.s. i am due monday.
like not tomorrow
but the next day.

and i have been dilated one centimeter for three weeks now.
so it's looking like baby girl is going to arrive in style, fashionably late.

to be honest, that is just fine by me.
a wise woman once told me they are a lot easier to manage inside than they are outside.
i learned that she was right about 6 minutes after the twins were born.

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