Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mickey pawty, anna minnie pawty, too.

if you asked the twins about their birthday they would say:
"i una have a mickey pawty." and the other twin would say "anna minnie pawty, too."
or vice versa.

in fact, if you ask colton how old he is he says "mickey mouse."
this is what i've heard from those silly twins for the past month.
and boy did we have a mickey party. anna minnie party, too.

i started a long time ago.
because i wanted to craft. and i have three babies.
or, i had three babies.
up until friday.
now i have twin toddlers and a baby.

the twins are mildly obsessed with "mickey mouse clubhouse."
and when i say mildly, i mean not mildly.

we settled on a mickey and minnie
"hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog party."

i knew i would have to get creative with their invites because surely my husband wouldn't let a bow ride on colton's invite.

and minnie couldn't get screwed and not get her bow, right?

so i took a chance.
and crossed my fingers that people would actually flip it over.

i told my mom what i wanted and she made it happen.
and i ran out of put together invites so i had to slap these together for a pic.

don't worry, i glued the real ones down and didn't send out these floppy looking ones.


we obviously had to have a dog maker.
i looked into renting one but after a little craigslist searchin' i am now the proud owner of one.
you're jealous, i know.

we made it extra classy by adding sauerkraut and chili.
that doesn't make it classy?

i realized right when every one got there that i hadn't taken pictures so these are out of focus, rushed and not so great.


i knew i should have done it earlier but, i mean, let's be honest, i had just started flat ironing my hair when people were arriving.

i pinned a paper chain pic on pinterest and decided i would use that for my backdrop.
time consuming?

our air conditioning broke the day before the party.
why wouldn't it.
so i was hot and mildly sweaty.

the twins are still talking about their pawty and they miss the "bow how" desperately.
every day they run outside and say "bow how, bow how."

poor babes.
next year. next year.

we had a blast.
i'll do a more in depth post about the deets and how i saved a bajillion dollars later.
or i probably won't.
but, know that i did save a bajillion dollars.


  1. Ahhhh-mazing mom of twin toddlers & a baby!
    I'm going to be 52 this year -- maybe I'll have a minnie pawty for me! ;)

  2. Hot-diggity Dog! so creative!

  3. looks like the party was a huge success! way to go, momma! great pics!

  4. Awww, that is adorable! So do you rent out your hotdog machine?