Sunday, June 5, 2011

steady streamin'

i'm way behind around here.

and once you stop blogging it's hard to just jump back in.

we had family staying with us last week and then i went to my dad's beach condo.

things i learned:
don't take 14 month old twins to the beach by yourself.
make sure you scan the beach for a jellyfish infestation before you let your babies out of the stroller.

if you need to know what to do when your babies try to eat jellyfish, call me, i now know.
yes the twins ate jellyfish.
yes both of them.

they were dying on the sand.
the jellyfish,
not the twins.

yes they got stung.
yes it was miserable.
the good news is that since the jellyfish were dying/dead the poison wasn't as potent?

i need to contact my dad's condo hoa and ask them to remove the stairs and install a ramp.....pulling/pushing the stroller up and down the stairs for the beach access is redic.....especially eight months pregnant.
i thought my baby was going to fall out.
and it was hot.

i have eight more weeks with this baby in my belly.....which, let's be honest, means she will probably be here in ten.

i go to the doctor and hope he tells me i am already dilating.

they won't even check. i know that. but a girl can dream.

this pregnancy couldn't have gone any easier.

i kind of knew it would because after being pregnant with twins how couldn't it be?

i think that is why this poor baby girl hasn't gotten much face time on the blizog.
after a day at busch gardens or the zoo i feel really pregnant but other than that sometimes i forget.

i had pregnancy insomnia with the twins and i have it this time too.

not being able to sleep when you're exhausted is exhausting.

and not fair.

i wake up every night around midnight and 2:15.

that's in addition to all the other times i have to get up to pee.

in ten weeks i will have three children under the age of one and a half. that's insane.

yes i am terrified.

i don't know how i am going to survive.

my daughter has turned into a bully.

she hits and pinches.

today at target i took away a shoe from her as we were leaving and she poked me in the eye, smacked me in the face, pulled my hair so hard it came out of my rubber band and pinched me.....all while gritting her teeth and shaking.

what the heck is that?

she looked psycho.

i wanted to laugh so hard but i was so mad at the same time.

she is so cute that she can kinda pull off crazy. kind of like me.

don't worry, i laid down the law and we are currently working on her physical aggression.

in cuter news she now says bubba and gets all shy and flirty and uhhhhhdorable when she looks at him.

you'd die.

they both say baby when they see babies. again, uhhhdorable.

they both yell bye with the cutest southern twang......even when they have no intention of going anywhere.

even though they are the cutest twins on the earth they are kinda making me crazy.

i need a break. or a vacation. or just a day without them.

they have such strong personalities and they gang up on me.

i don't know if it is because i am pregnant or not but sometimes i want to throw them across the room....maybe more like lightly toss.

nope, that's a lie. sometimes i want to throw them.

i just hope they both have twins so they can be paid back. and i can laugh.

and i've kind of learned lately how much difference a baby's demeanor can make.

for example, i have tried to turn my kids into tv junkies. they will watch yo gabba gabba for about four minutes then it's time to do something else.

they are both stubborn and high energy and demanding and determined and any other adjective that are synonyms for the aforementioned.

so, if i had tv junkie kids that just sat for ten minutes maybe twins wouldn't be so tough? i'll never know.

i can't wait to have a fruity summer cocktail. ten more weeks. ten more weeks.

we still haven't picked a name.

i don't even know if we're close.

we might be those parents who still don't have a name when the baby is born.

i'm weirdly ok with that.

i am the kind of person that knows what she wants immediately.

and i know what i want but my husband won't oblige.

i'm not giving up.

i got serious and asked what needed to happen for me to get my way.

he said nothing.

he obviously isn't too good of a negotiator......or he really just doesn't want the name.

that's what's going on around here.

stay tuned.......i'm back on track.



  1. I'll work on that ramp.

  2. they are like animals they sense when you are most vulnerable and then they attack. i am sure there has been some study done it.

    can i buy you that fruity drink?!

  3. but honestly, who eats a jellyfish! actually, i think people around the world do. so disregard m first statement.

    and also you are funny. i like your writing style.