Sunday, August 5, 2012

and just like that.......

in one week, she is one.
there are so. so. so. so many pictures in this post but i just couldn't stop.
i want to remember you just like this.

you now eat with a spoon. 

actually, that is a lie. 
kind of.
you're about 50/50.

a lot of the time?
you just like to play with one.

tonight i asked you to be a monkey and you said "ewwww eww, eww ewww eww."
in a very high pitch. exactly like a monkey.
for real.
daddy heard it too.
 we now think you're so much smarter than the twins were at this age.
we have no idea what the twins could do at this age.
it just seems like you're too young to be that smart.

you're favorite word is "no."
shocker, right?
between your twins and me, you probably hear it 6,436 times a day.
you say it just like chloe.
this terrifies me.
i can't handle two of her.
i'm serious.

you have given me the greatest gift.
for the past week and a half, you have slept from 7:30 - 8.
thank you.
thank you.

you are the toughest cookie i know.
you get beat the up on the reg. and you handle it.
it's impressive.

you are most definitely a mamma's girl.
me likey.
let's keep it that way.

food is a big deal to you.
that makes me happy.
i want you to appreciate it.
savor it.
and you do.
just like c&c.
as of now, affording to feed all of you for the next 18 years seems far more daunting than college.

your brother and sister are ridiculously in love with you.
they run in to your room every morning and say
"good  morning, baby."
my heart shatters into a million pieces every time.

i hope it stays that way forever.
your aunts and uncle are my best friends.
i want that for all of you, too.

in one week you will be one.
one year ago, at this very moment, i was watching my belly move.
i was wondering if it would be the last time, every time.
i was imagining you in one year.
what would you be like?

little did i know you would be one of "them" so soon.
that's right, you took off your diaper tonight.
thank goodness you walked right to the trash can to throw it away.
right when i thought i was in big trouble, you turned it around.
let's keep it that way, k?


  1. Love this! What a beautiful little girl! I can't imagine my #3 at one year! And sleep!!! I'm totally with you on the grocery bills! WOW. Cutie!!!

  2. love the photos. what a cutie! happy birthday! and yeah, totally feel you on the grocery is cuh-razy.