Friday, February 17, 2012

apparently one day olds can eat solids.

and crawl.
she crawls now.
she took her first crawl steps on her sixth month birthday.
i can't handle.

i had stella yesterday.
yesterday i was in the hospital.
with a brand new baby.
and today she is eating.
and crawling.

with this kid i said i wasn't going to start feeding until she was around 8 months.
she doesn't need actual food. it's messy. it takes too long. i'm busy enough. boobs will do.

this babe wasn't gaining enough weight.
so after a quick trip to the gi, i was told i needed to supplement with formula and i should start her on cereal.
since i rarely listen to my doctors, we ignored all of the above and went straight for the good stuff.

that rice cereal is nasty.
it reminds me of boxed mashed potatoes.
i wasn't subjecting my bebe to that stuff when there were yummy, healthy options to be had, right?

she obvi loves it.

how is my sweet pea already all grown up?


  1. Oh - I am in love with this little bebe! My baby is 22 years old - miss this stage!

  2. Rylan's first food was avocado. Its supposed to be really good for brain development. I still give him avocado at least 3-4 times a week. You baby girl is adorable!