Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This is an uneventful post with too many pictures that is mainly for the grandparents.


That's how the twins say Halloween.
Ween is not to be confused with Nana, who is also Ween. But the twins call her Nana.
Did I lose you yet?


Holy Halloween!
I think it lasted all month for these kids.

It started the first week of October.
Auntie Jessy is a tad bit overzealous in the "spoiling her nieces and nephews department".
She came over armed with gold.
Melmo socks and glow sticks.
To the twins? That's gold.
And monster socks for baby Stell.

she asked to put on her bloomers after breakfast.

And we got booed.
Which, in my mind?
Means we have arrived.

We went to the pumpkin patch.
And at $20 a pumpkin, we skipped the pumpkin and left with just pictures.
I know, I felt bad.....but 20 bucks? Weren't they like $4 when I was a kid? I just aged myself, didn't I?

In my family, a trip to the patch is quite the production.

See what I mean?


We went to a Halloween party.

where they babes decorated cookies the size of their heads.


We went to another party at Gran and Papa's church where Colton proved to be quite the equestrian.
That may be a stretch, he just cried really hard every time we made him get off the horse.
The horses to Chloe?


And then there was actual Weeeeeen.

The twins were monkey see, monkey do.

And Stella was a cupcake. I forgot her pink frosting hat with sprinkles.
But I remembered the cherry that was supposed to go on top of her hat.

If you're still reading this?
God Bless you, you must really love my kids.


  1. I look forward to your updates. They are way to cute and you are such an amazing mommy

  2. those monster socks are crazy cute