Friday, November 18, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time....
there was a girl.
She started a new school.
She was nervous.
On the third day she wore the most fly pair of white Guess jeans
with a vest
and a pair of  pointy toe laced up ankle boots.
She looked good.
And she knew it.

She walked up to the teacher's desk
in 5th period geometry
to turn in her test
and a boy said in front of the whole class

"you have something on your butt".

She was so embarrassed so she did what she does when she feels vulnerable.
She smirked and said.

"why were you looking at my butt?"
Somehow it worked.
The class laughed.
She felt vindicated.
She promptly vowed to hate him for the rest of the year.

She didn't.
They started dating.
He played football.
She was a cheerleader.

He let her wear his favorite Slippery Rock University hat.
On his jet ski.
No one wore that hat but him.
It flew off.
She was scared.
She knew he'd be furious.
He wasn't mad.
After that, she knew she had him.

They went to prom.

They graduated and started college.
He stayed home.
She moved into a dorm.
He told her she would dump him to do the "college thing".
She said she wouldn't.
He was right.
She wanted to do the "college thing".
He cried.
She felt bad.

They stayed friends.
She moved to Tallahassee
Five years later she wanted to come home.
She called him.
She knew he would help.
He was always there for her.
He used his muscles to move her things.
She cooked him dinner.
They decided they would try again.
She fell.
He wasn't ready for forever.
He broke up with her.
She cried.
He felt bad.

She moved to Ocala for a  job.
He came to see her.
A lot.
She knew he'd be back eventually for good.
He was.
He offered his heart.
She took it along with a very pretty ring.
They got married
On a boat.
They promised forever and sailed away.
She got pregnant
With twins.
They bought a house.
Renovated that house.
And got pregnant again all within a year.
I know,
she still gets tired thinking about it.
She gave birth to the twins.
A boy
and a girl.
They loved each other more
She gave birth to another girl.
They loved each other even more.
He works so hard and listens to her complain about staying home with her crazy kids that she love so much
knowing in his heart that there is no place she would rather be.
He never complains.

The days are long and tough but they're in love.

Happy Birthday, Matty.
Thank you for figuring out forever with me.
You are my rock, my life, my best friend and I am so very proud of you.

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