Thursday, April 21, 2011

Independent Playtime

I'm writing this from my bed during "Independent Play Time". I thought I was genius by coining this phrase which, to me, is:

putting my twins in their cribs because I am six and a half months pregnant and need to close my eyes for thirty minutes because they are only napping once a day now and straight up exhausting me.
How's that for a run-on sentence?

However, I decided before I go on and on about how much of a genius I am

and that you all should to.ta.lly. come to me for all parenting advice that I would google it.

 I then realized I in no way made this term up.


I felt really smart.
It is actually a recommended activity from Babywise which I read and followed when the twins were born. Apparently I retained that term and spit it up again a year later claiming it as my own.
You should still know I am a genius regardless.

IPT (Independent Playtime) has been a lifesaver. We have had a long and stressful week and I was up way too late Friday and Saturday for one of our good friends wedding (Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Seaton). Monday was the first day of IPT and it was out of necessity. I turned on the radio, threw a few toys in the twins cribs and peaced out for 30 minutes of glorious silence.
Needless to say this was definitely going to become a part of our daily regime.
Repeat Tuesday and Wednesday but today......we had a teeny snafu. IPT decided to smack me in the face.
I put the twins in their cribs at 11:30, I went in there 20 minutes after IPT started and they were both
passed out.

Now nap time is ruined.

Joke is on me. Big time.

Oh well.....

What I really came to talk to you about is the name game.

How insane has this thing gotten? Hold on my friends, I'll tell you.

The poll results have been checked 763 times.

I have had over 2,000 views since the poll went up.

People have viewed (repeatedly) and voted from:
United Kingdom

How cool is that?
I love that you guys are loving this. I totally thought my parents and in-laws would vote and we would call it a day. Ironically, only one out of  the five of them has voted (my daddy).

I also thought Finn was an adorable name and that this poll would prove that to Matt.


Shows what I know.


  1. i was actually planning to write a post about independent play this week! haha. you beat me to it! :)

  2. i want to "like" your last thought...
    "I also thought Finn was an adorable name and that this poll would prove that to Matt.
    But........Shows what I know. "

    cracked me up.

  3. NOT only did I vote, but I voted for Finn thankyouverymuch!